5 Common Pet Conditions that DON’T have Natural Remedies ©

There is a lot of natural pet care information online and not all of it is reliable. Many websites tend to get caught up in recommending only natural remedies, without mentioning mainstream Veterinary care or allopathic medication. The fact is, we need synthetic medication. We can tackle some conditions and symptoms naturally, or provide supportive natural treatments like supplements, but often we also need pharmaceutical medication to cure or treat ourselves and our pets. Read more »

Win 150 Organic Bully Bites for your Pet Valentine!

Win 150 Organic Bully Bites for your Pet Valentine!

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. We’re sure the owners of Organic Pet Boutique know all about loving pets because their company was founded from the heart. Read more »

2016 Top 10 Natural Pet Supplements ©

2016 Top Natural Pet Supplements

The natural pet supplement market has become flooded with products promising amazing health benefits. Trying to research and choose between them can be an overwhelming experience for loving pet parents. It is always our goal to guide and educate caregivers, which inspired this listing of the best natural pet supplements of 2016.

Our choice of top pet supplements is based on several factors, including recent scientific research, books and news, as well as popularity as defined by our sales (and the sales of our affiliates) and Amazon “wish list” items, all with our educated opinion on top. Combining this information and data has provided a broad look at the best natural pet supplements on the market today, be that a single ingredient or a combination thereof. Read more »

How to Care for Your Pet Parrot Over the Holiday Season

How to Care for Your Pet Parrot in Winter
By Umer Hayat

Whenever we think of going home to our comfortable home during the holiday season, we never fail to get that misty, warm feeling. This holds especially true for those who have birds as pets and wish to give them the similar comfort feeling. Thus, this is the ideal time to prepare for a cage that will make them feel more comfortable during the winter as well as bring more presents to go along with their brand new home. Read more »

Top Natural Remedies for Dog and Cat Allergies ©

Top Natural Remedies for Dog and Cat Allergies

Allergies are one of the most upsetting conditions for pet parents to see in their dog or cat. The suffering that can be involved leaves us desperately seeking relief on their behalf. It is our sincere hope that this comprehensive guide to the natural treatment of allergies in dogs and cats will offer some relief to suffering pets and their caregivers. Read more »

Book Review: Embracing the Wild in your Dog

The author of Embracing the Wild in your Dog, Bryan Bailey, approached us for a review of this book. Since we’re all about natural pet care, we agreed that it would be a good fit. Read more »

The Benefits of Krill for Pets (Infographic) ©

Krill is available in several forms for our pets, including frozen, various grades of meal, whole freeze-dried, flaked/ground freeze-dried and oil extracts. These can be used as ingredients in homemade pet food and treats recipes, or mixed with commercial food as a supplement. It is most commonly used as a natural pet supplement for dogs, cats, aquarium fish and some bird species. Read more »

Green Tea For Pets (Infographic) ©

Green Tea may benefit pets as much as it is believed to benefit humans. It can be used as a supplement for healthy dogs, cats, horses, and even aquarium fish. Green Tea is readily available, but it’s very important to be sure it’s of high quality and organic if you want maximum benefits for yourself and your pets.

How Green Tea May Help Pets Read more »

Natural Ways to Keep Aquariums Cool (With Infographic) ©

Most pet fish can handle temperature spikes just like they would in the wild. Even cold water fish (like Goldfish) can cope with elevated temperatures temporarily. Other fish are more sensitive to change and require temperature stability, such as many marine fish and some fresh water Goodeid species.

Any fish will be stressed to some point by significant increases in fish tank temperature, be it from the lower dissolved oxygen, increased rate of waste decomposition, or metabolic changes.  The more healthy your fish is to begin with, the better they will cope with any stressful situation, including temperature fluctuations.  Keeping the environment clean and feeding a natural diet (live, freeze-dried, frozen and Bottom Bites dehydrated fish food) is the basis of a strong, healthy fish.

Following are 8 tips for keeping your aquarium cool as the temperatures rise this Summer: Read more »

Top 5 Sources of Antioxidants for Cats & Other Carnivores (With Infographic) ©

Antioxidants have proven to be effective for both prevention and treatment of many feline diseases, including those involving the eyes, skin, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. Diseases like cancer, diabetes,  immune disorders and allergies have also been prevented and treated naturally using antioxidants for cats. Additionally, the cells are nurtured with antioxidants, protecting them from the effects of aging, toxins and more.

The main obstacle interfering with the benefits of antioxidants is the simple fact that cats are carnivores. They don’t want to eat blueberries or leafy greens and even if they did, they’re not equipped to digest them properly. If they can’t digest them, they won’t enjoy the benefits of eating them. Read more »

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