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We’ve come a long way from the days of squinting at fine print and wondering why we can’t pronounce half of the ingredients in pet food, let alone understand them.

Educated pet parents are demanding more from products and it’s quickly graduating from demand to expectation.

A few pet food companies will never get it.  They’ll continue to try to blind us with science and insist that their food is just fine as it is, while attempting to pretty up the rest.  They view consumers as people who need convincing, as opposed to giving them what they actually want to a feasible point.

Smart pet food companies have taken a step back, evaluated the situation, and have seen the opportunity for a competitive advantage.  Giving consumers what they want isn’t a new sales concept, but convincing pet food brands that this isn’t a passing health kick has taken some time.

Blackwood Pet Food is a prime example of a people-pleaser brand.  From the slow cooking process to the ‘all natural’ ingredients, they’ve been listening and they’re clearly riding this ‘natural pet’ wave.  Having created their idea of the perfect pet food convenience product, they’ve now focused on other consumer needs.

Enter the new package design by Kick.  Consumers don’t need to search the Blackwood website on an iPhone while standing in the store isle.  They don’t have to give themselves wrinkles, squinting at fine print, looking (often in vain) for nutrition information.  It’s right there, big and bold, on the front of the bag.

How I wish other brands would make this simple, yet ingenious change! I’m forty-something and in firm bi-focal denial, but I’m also an educated pet parent.  If I can’t read what’s on the package I’m not going to buy it anyway, I’m going to leave it on the shelf.

Do we sell Blackwood Pet Food?  No.  Am I reviewing or recommending it?  No, I haven’t tried it.  Was this post solicited?  Nope.  Did we have nothing else to write about today?  No, not that either.

It’s simply that this kind of effort and focus deserves to be recognized.

Acknowledging brands that strive to be the best they can be raises the bar and encourages more of the same.  That doesn’t mean it’s the ultimate way to feed our pets and it doesn’t have to be.

Manufactured pet food is what it is – a convenience.  If we want the convenience of  ‘kibble’ pet food, we have to accept that it cannot be equal to a sirloin steak, any more than a Fruit Roll-Up is equal to fresh fruit.   The fact remains that a lot of pets are fed manufactured dry food and it’s important that it improve, but we must compare apples to apples if we are to evaluate it objectively.

I firmly believe that it’s time to lose the hate-fest for the pet food industry and instead build bridges between pet parents and the brands who are trying to give us what we want.  Hate, paranoia and hysteria results in pet parents being written off as extreme activists, and it leaves them open to exploitation by fear mongers.  Education, reasonable expectations and effective communication will result in permanent change, if for no other reason than that’s where the money is.

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  1. I have been feeding Blackwood food to my dog and cat for quite awhile now and they love it. They’re healthy and don’t have any medical conditions. I feed them meat and vegetables too though.

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