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We have a skittish SPCA cat who doesn’t like strangers, but for some reason on Halloween night she was constantly coming downstairs after children had visited. It took us some time to figure out that she was responding to ‘trick or TREAT‘. Imagine her confusion when she realized they’d left without giving her any!

We don’t dress her up because she doesn’t like it and it’s tough to keep track of her at all times. The same goes for all cats and for that reason, we discourage people from using cat Halloween costumes. If you want to add a spooky touch to kitty, you can often find safe Halloween collars.

It may not be the most natural thing, but be it the preference of the dog or the pet parent… or both, many dogs will be dressing up in pet costumes for Halloween. Even those who don’t normally dress their dog in pet clothing, may be tempted to do so on Halloween night. According the the National Retail Federation, 43% more pet parents will dress their pets in costumes this year than in 2010!  Why?  Well, because it’s fun, that’s why.  🙂

Following are some tips for avoiding a Halloween nightmare with your costumed dog.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Make sure your dog is leashed, tagged/chipped and remains under an adult’s control. This applies whether he’s out with you or home with access to the door.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Don’t force the issue – not all dogs enjoy dressing up in costumes.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert The less elaborate the dog costume is, the more likely it is that your pet will allow it and be comfortable.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Check the pet costume carefully to ensure there are no pieces that can be chewed off or get caught on objects.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Make sure the pet costume fits properly so it’s comfortable, stays in place, and does not restrict movement.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Do not use Halloween masks on pets.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Avoid elastics in pet costumes – they can be uncomfortable and impair circulation.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Consider adding secured reflective material to your pet’s Halloween costume.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert NEVER leave a costumed dog unsupervised.

Dog Halloween costume safety alert Remember his first duty is to guard your family. If someone frightens you or your children or if he senses any nervousness at all, he’ll probably go into protection mode and may act aggressively.

For more Halloween pet safety tips, please visit the ASPCA.

STAY SAFE & HAPPY Dog Halloween costume safety alerts HAUNTING!


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