I read with interest an article about a Florida food truck for dogs, which offers gourmet snacks to dogs when they’re out and about.  What a creative way to serve yet another pet niche market!  My mind immediately conjured up images of health restaurants for humans with matching health food restaurants for pets next door.

Where did the idea of a food truck for pets come from?  An experienced pet parent, of course, who had been serving a highly sensitive dog of her own for years.  Combine that with some business sense and voila!  Another pet food business is born.

Pet parents seeking higher quality, more natural pet products for their babies have opened up a whole new group of niche markets that creative and innovative businesses are jumping into.  While some existing companies still fight the movement, new companies are popping up all over the place, eager to fill the need.  That’s right, it’s no longer something that consumers want, it’s something they need to raise healthy pets.  Where there is need, there is profit.

“Humanization” is the word most tossed around to explain how people view their pets these days.  While the term may be applicable to a point, I think it’s awareness that has inspired what is classed as pet humanization.  It’s not that all pet parents literally put their pets on the same level as their children, there are practical, educated thought processes behind it.

  • We’re more aware of our own health and what impacts it.
  • We’re aware that many products previously thought to be healthy, simply aren’t.
  • We’re aware that an animal that isn’t receiving proper nutrition, maintenance, and attention, is going to have a more expensive, shorter lifespan.

This is not a fad, this is a new, enlightened way of thinking.  The businesses that truly believe in it are the ones that are profiting from it.  It’s also why the companies that don’t truly believe in it are constantly under fire.  They may know about it and try to exploit it, but they just don’t GET it.

There’s no shame in making a living by serving pet parents who are looking for a more natural pet care regime.  There’s nothing wrong with making money from something you believe in.  We should all be so lucky!  There’s a need for these natural pet products and someone has to supply them.  Not every company makes a profit with an evil laugh.

However, I do feel that to be successful, a natural pet business has to be run by people who believe 100% that what they’re doing is good, beneficial, ethical and honest.  It can’t be viewed as just another profitable niche.  They can’t exploit the concerns of pet parents as the fear mongers do either.  One way or another, that mutt will bite them on the butt.  At best, they’ll cause a lot of damage to their reputation and that is one tough thing to recover from in the natural pet business.

If the natural pet company owners don’t believe in natural pet care, they had better hire people who do and follow their lead.  They won’t reach their profit potential until they do… and so it should be.

The way I see it anyway.


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4 thoughts on “Natural Pet Business – Believe or Leave

  1. There must be hundreds of new companies for natural pet care everyday…..the big boys better watch out!

  2. You make very good points and the natural pet industry could use more people like you in it. I agree with Teel that profit can make ethics go out the window but like you say, that’s suicide in the pet business these days.

  3. We’re thinking about going into the natural pet business and found your article. I agree!

  4. So true! It’s easy to sound sincere if you are sincere. Natural pet care is a profitable business so it attracts unethical people. We’re not so easy to fool now that we have the internet though.

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