Original, Shareable Pet Poster Graphics

They’re all the rage on Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks – those cute pet poster graphics for sharing in your profile.  Some of them are getting over-posted, so we’ll be sharing ours with you periodically.

These graphics and others are also available for sharing directly on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.  You’re free to use them where you wish as long as they’re not edited.

Note:  We’ve been receiving inquiries about having branded posters designed for other businesses.  If you would like to have pictures custom-branded for sharing, please contact our writer/designer.

Cat Online Experts

Animal abuse awareness graphic

Be the voice for animals

Obesity in Pets

Cat Quotes

Help Animal Shelters This Summer

Vote for Serious Penalties for Puppy Mill Operators

SPCA Adopt a Cat (or Human) Month

Free Dogs Die In Hot Cars Poster Graphic

Adult dog adoption

Animal Shelter - Feral Cats

Adopt an adult cat from your local animal shelter

Dog clothing & costumes

Keep your dog cool while camping

Prevent animal abuse

Aquarium poster graphic

Designed for the American Livebearer Assoc. – available for unedited sharing.

Happy sharing!

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9 Responses to “Original, Shareable Pet Poster Graphics”

  1. Kirk says:

    Great graphics design skills and I like your focus on pet charities too.

  2. Zaboomafoo says:

    Excellent work!

  3. Les says:

    I’m getting very tired of the same old facebook & pinterest posters & even blogs use the same old pictures. It’s nice to share something original.

  4. Peter_Brand says:

    It’s rare to find a blogger with design talent and it seriously makes a difference in blogging and marketing. I hope they’re paying you enough! You can thank me for saying that later ha ha ha.

  5. Bess says:

    Lovely job indeed, please keep posting pinterest posters!

  6. Ellen D. says:

    Fabulous job! I bet you do very well freelancing graphics! We’ll be in touch!

  7. admin says:

    Thanks for your kind words. I really enjoy design and have been doing it on the side since the late 90’s. Matthew, I learned design from scratch (the old fashion way) so I find too much automation to be frustrating. It never does exactly what I want it to do…LOL. The software I use most is the professional version of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paintshop Pro.

    Pinterest seems to be too much fun to be work! I have to forcibly limit my time there or none of my other work would get done. See you there!

  8. Matthew says:

    I’ve been trying to learn more about graphics design for my blog but your designer has obviously been doing it for awhile. What software does she use? I don’t have her talent for it but even the average person can do decent graphics these days with easy software. It’s smart to add them to Pinterest and for blog post illustration.

  9. LaurenFr says:

    These graphics are beautiful and meaningful, thank you for posting and sharing them. I’m looking forward to your new designs and I will share them on Pinterest too.

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