Welfare Weekend: Helping Animal Shelters Through Kitten and Puppy Season

We adopted our SPCA diva in the Spring and the selection was outrageously large.  Wall to wall cages stuffed full of kittens of every size, shape & color.  It was a joyous time for our family when a skittish, muted grey tabby stole our heart, but it was also a very sad situation to witness.

Kittens and puppies overwhelm animal shelters and rescues in the late Spring, with thousands being processed through adoption systems from now until Autumn.  Most dogs and cats have had their litters and the offspring is now old enough to find homes, at which point they’re often brought to an animal shelter.  Pregnant dogs and cats brought to animal shelters earlier in the Spring are also adding to the fuzzy congestion.  Then there’s abandoned pets, feral cats, puppy mill raids… the numbers are staggering.

Yet every year, animal shelters and rescues work their tails off trying to humanely house, feed and entertain the onslaught of baby pets.  We see countless shelters begging for help, especially no-kill shelters.  This is when they need our help most.

How you can helpKitten Puppy Season - Help Animal Rescues

Cash donations are welcome, but there are other ways to assist animal shelters in this time of great need.

Volunteering is possible for virtually everyone and it’s a way to contribute without out-of-pocket expense.  If there’s one thing animal shelters need during puppy and kitten season, it’s more hands.

Crafting beds, blankets, toys and other items for animal shelters results in donations that are useful and welcomed.  Check out our list of free patterns.

Found feral felines and their kittens may be tamed and re-homed by yourself.  If that isn’t possible, try to find an organization in your area that specifically helps feral cats.  They specialize in ways to manage feral cat populations and are often better equipped to handle the problem.

Throw a pet party!  Invite friends and their pets over for a potluck barbecue, encouraging them to bring puppy and kitten items or other donations.  Homemade pet treats cut into fun pet shapes make great fundraisers too.

Items in high demand by shelters during kitten & puppy season include:

  • Quality canned food and puppy/kitten food
  • Kitten & puppy milk replacement
  • Heating Pads
  • Chew toys & cat toys that are easily sterilized
  • House training pads and litter

Create awareness with blog posts and through social media sharing. Follow animal charities’ social media pages, like the animal rescues listed in our Animal Rescues on Pinterest post.

Adopt!  Now is a great time to adopt your new best friend (after careful research and consideration). Many pet shelters are offering reduced adoption rates during kitten and puppy season. It’s also much less expensive to have an adopted pet spayed or neutered with the coupon provided by many shelters.   Search for adoptable animals in your area right here on All Natural Pet Care! If you need some guidance with your selection, there’s a dog adoption eBook available to help you evaluate health, temperament and trainability, along with details like assessing size, best breeds for children, etc: Super Dogs & Puppies eBook.

Have your pet spayed or neutered!  Offspring are your responsibility, and a single dog or cat can produce many of them over their lifetime.  Choose to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Blog Comment - Puppy & Kitten Season Animal RescuesDo you have more suggestions?  Please share your comments below.


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9 Responses to “Welfare Weekend: Helping Animal Shelters Through Kitten and Puppy Season”

  1. cat food says:

    Start by getting a young kitten so you’ll know his or her history and behavior. And while there’s no guarantee that any particular kitten will morph into a calm cat, there are strategies to make that outcome more likely.

  2. Doggie Diva says:

    Adopting a pet is the best gift you can give. These animals need us, they didn’t put them there, we did. If you love animals and have the time, please adopt a cat or dog.

  3. Madalaine says:

    You ain’t kiddin! I volunteer at a shelter and it is just insane this time of year! Please come in and help wherever you are!

  4. Gary Calgary says:

    Shelters are truly going nuts right now with so many animals to care for. Thanks for helping!

  5. Karen says:

    We brought home a new puppy from the SPCA last week. We’re already in love….actually we were in love the minute we met him!

  6. Paula Paul says:

    We’re taking a puppy & kitten donation into our shelter this weekend. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Terri says:

    Fabulous suggestions!

  8. Gabriella - Hawaii says:

    Thank you for calling attention to this serious situation in shelters. They absolutely need our suppport now more than ever.

  9. Markus says:

    I can’t believe how many people are irresponsible and then dump their unwanted pets on the street or at a shelter. I can’t imagine being that irresponsible! They have no conscience!

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