With Mother’s Day being celebrated across North America, it’s a great time to promote an often overlooked group in animal shelters – Moms.  Pregnant females often arrive in animal shelters and are kept there (or in foster homes) until their offspring are weaned and they can be spayed.  These animals may be cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.

These mothers may be overlooked due to the high number of baby animals available at the same time of year.  That’s a shame, because they can be beautiful pets without the headaches of getting a baby through it’s ‘wild’ stages.  You also won’t have to bother taking her in to get spayed later, as is the case with puppies or kittens.

We’ve designed some shareable poster graphics that you are free to use to spread the word about the need of homes for pet Moms.  We encourage you to share them on social networks like Facebook or Pinterest, or use them in your own animal welfare blog posts.

Adult dog adoption

Adopt an adult cat from your local animal shelter

If you’d like to adopt a Mom (after careful research and consideration), you can Search for adoptable animals in your area.

Blog Comment - Adopt Adult Pet Moms in SheltersThank you for caring!  Have you ever adopted a fur-mom? Please share your story in the comments below.


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7 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: Consider Adopting A Mom

  1. Really loving the signs you design for charity. We have adopted three mama dogs, two of them are still with us. They were so loving but nobody ever loved them and it broke my heart so I had to bring them home. They’re adored like they deserve now.

  2. I always feel so sorry for the moms in shelters because you can tell they haven’t had much joy in their life. Just pushing out puppies, nursing puppies and getting pregnant again.

  3. I’ll share the posters you designed to help find homes for these sweet girls.

  4. Our bichon frise is a rescued puppy mill brooder. She had some adjustments to make at first but we expected that and she didn’t take long to turn into a wonderful pet.

  5. We went to the shelter for a puppy but by the time we left to sleep on it, we knew we wanted the mom instead. She was so loving and gently protective, using her nose to push our hand away from a puppy if it cried. How could we resist? 🙂

  6. Good point! It’s tough to see the moms for the babies but they need homes too. Thank you to your company for caring enough to increase awareness.

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