When the folks at PupLight contacted us for a review, we immediately knew who our product testers would be. Dear old Charlie and his blind companion, Sammie, take late night walks around our neighborhood with their pet-mom, Margaret. The wet weather that British Columbia experiences all Winter results in further reduced visibility. I’ve often worried about them wandering around out there in the dark.

Charlie takes his dog-guide-dog role very seriously and hurries to Sammie’s side when she has a dog’s version of panic attacks. The faster he can find her, the faster she calms down.Puplight 2 collar light review

Margaret writes, “Tonight the three of us took our usual walk with one exception, Charlie was lit up. At first he paid no attention to the light, then it dawned on him he could see EVERYTHING. He was so happy to check out all things on the grass and cement. He could even see where other dogs had laid their poop eggs and no one picked it up.”

“When Sammie got upset and wouldn’t move an inch, Charlie was able to see her and go up to her. She got her fear under control and was able to follow him. Charlie is Sammie’s seeing-eye dog but usually he doesn’t get to her soon enough when she has her little meltdowns, and that is just scary for her. Not tonight – I called her – Charlie went right to her and everything was tickety-boo.”

When I met them for a photo shoot, I had no problem seeing them way at the other end of the housing complex. The LED light truly shines so brilliantly it could hurt the eyes if it wasn’t adjustable. It not only allows for better night vision, but also makes Charlie more visible to vehicles. If that wasn’t enough, the reflective collar glows brightly when any light catches it, even the flash from my camera.

Puplight 2 dog collar light review
Charlie (wearing the PupLight 2 collar) comforts and protects his blind friend, Sammie.

I was concerned that the PupLight would be too heavy and bulky for a small dog but with only three AAA batteries and a 2.5 ounce lightweight design, Charlie wasn’t at all hindered by it. The adjustable PupLight collar is designed for easy use but if you don’t like it, you can simply clip the PupLight onto another collar.

Margaret concludes, “What a great thing for dogs. I wish Sammie could enjoy it like Charlie does but light doesn’t make any difference to her unless it is bright and shining directly into her eyeball. Then she is in pain. Very good thing, this PupLight.”

Margaret later reported that Sammie’s panic attacks have been seriously reduced since the PupLight has allowed Charlie to get to her faster. She’s only had a couple of “meltdowns” since they began using the PupLight, a vast improvement over her normal behavior.

We always dig around for something negative to say in reviews to provide a more balanced view of the product. Like a dog digging in a garden we came up with nothing, but sure enjoyed trying! The makers of the award-winning PupLight didn’t only come up with an innovative idea, they’ve successfully turned it into a high quality product that is the best it can be.

After the photo shoot I left three glowing senior citizens knowing they were all safer due to this product, and that makes me very happy. 🙂

Where to buy PupLight

PupLight is available for order from their website.  The site also provides a listing of stores around the world that carry PupLight.

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10 thoughts on “Review: PupLight-2 Tested by Charlie the Dog-Guide-Dog

  1. I love how this light is helping these darling angels!! I’m going to check with my vet to see if better lighting will help my vision impaired dog.

  2. I bet it does scare off wild animals and maybe some bad guys too. I was surprised that it’s under $20, great find!

  3. I’ve got to check out this light thanks for the link. We live in the country so our dogs can run into all sorts of critters. Hopefully the light will scare them off before they get a nose full of quills or skunk spray. 🙁

  4. I’m going to order a PupLight, it’ll be perfect for when I let the dog out at night in our big yard.

  5. Oh my gosh those dogs are A-FREAKING-DORABLE!!!! Good boy Charlie!!!!! We need to get one of those lights for our 2 babies.

  6. I’ve been looking for a product like this but I was always worried that it wouldn’t work for my little dog. Thanks for the review, it really helps.

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