We’ve been reporting to you about the hundreds of dogs seized from a Quebec puppy mill last September.  This week, we learned that Nicole Labombard and her mother, Charlene, of Paws R Us, have agreed to abide by a court order to not own more than three pets or operate a kennel for the next two years.  Sadly, they could operate another puppy mill after that two years is up and can have pets in the meantime.

If you find that outrageous, you’re not alone.

“We’re outraged at the lenient sentence they received,” said Bruce Roney, OHS Executive Director.  “These animals suffered horribly and that’s not reflected in the punishment the criminals received.  It’s completely unacceptable, given what these animals were subjected to and the extraordinary amount of time and resources that went into the medical care and rehabilitation of these dogs.  One, a St. Bernard, underwent four months of rehabilitation at our shelter before he was adopted. ”

We suggest relentlessly pressuring your government representatives to slam puppy mill operators with serious penalties, including lifetime bans on pet ownership.  Not only can you contact your representative, you can also be very public in your objection to these meaningless, short-term bans.  To that end, we’ve designed a graphic for you to share on social media, your website, etc.

Vote for Serious Penalties for Puppy Mill Operators

Please be their voice.

Ottawa Humane Society
CBC News

9 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: Call for Serious Penalties for Puppy Mill Operators

  1. Ludicrous for sure. Let’s put the pressure on and make some changes so these nasty people are punished.

  2. Come to Canada, the land of the free CRIMINALS!!!! I’d call those people animals but that’s an insult to animals.

  3. That’s the kind of legal BS that inspires people to take matters into their own hands. Canada doesn’t have a justice system it has an expensive legal system that does nothing useful at all.

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