In today’s guest post, author Naomie Pierre offers suggestions for alternative pet care, the natural way.

Easy Ways to Bring Natural Pet Care into Your Pet’s Life

By Naomie Pierre

Choosing natural pet care for your beloved animal may save its life.

Unlike humans, animals can be very sensitive to the different negative side effects of drugs. When a pet becomes ill, falls victim to a devastating accident, or is fighting a deadly disease like cancer, it is important to look at the entire picture of healing to ensure that your companion animal receives the care that he or she needs.

What are the different ways that you can help your pet heal in a natural way? Here are five natural pet care alternatives that could be the difference between life and death:

1. Natural Food: It is an unfortunate fact that many dry dog and cat foods on the market are packed full of harmful additives and base ingredients. In fact, there have been horrible cases in the news of dogs being poisoned from marketed dry dog food. To ensure that your dog or cat is eating the healthiest food possible it is advised that you make the food yourself. It is easy to buy a natural based oat or rice product that you can mix in with ground beef or chicken. You can also create a mixture with overcooked rice, vegetables like carrots, a little oil and natural animal vitamins. Ask your vet for more information on natural food recipes.

2. Acupuncture: A treatment that has been helping to heal humans for more than five thousand years, acupuncture is now gaining popularity for dogs, cats, horses, and even reptiles. Animals are very connected with their own natural way of healing, so practices such as acupuncture are great methods of assisting them to do so.

3. Massage: Another complimentary healing practice that has been popular with humans, but not for animals, is massage. This has all changed in the last five years. Today, there are massage parlors created just for our four-legged friends but it doesn’t have to be so fancy. Massage is an easy healing modality to incorporate into your home petting regime. While giving your cat or dog love, start rubbing instead of just petting. Concentrate on finding areas that feel like bumps or tight areas and slowly use your fingers to help your animal release the stress.

4. Connect with a Whisperer: It may be a dog whisperer or a horse whisperer. The truth is there are people in the world that are so connected with animals that they can communicate with them on a deeper level than most people. This type of animal healer is wonderful for creating transformations naturally when it comes to behavioral problems.

5. Natural Supplements: A positive additive to a pet’s diet includes natural additives. Just like humans, there are certain vitamins and minerals that may not be supplied sufficiently by our regular diet. There are also supplements available that may assist with ailments such as cancer. For example, a great general immune support supplement is the extract of Olive Leaf.

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8 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Natural Pet Care

  1. Thanks for sharing this post to us. This adds more ideas for pet owners to take good care of their pets on their own way.

  2. Our allergic dog responded very well to a switch to natural dog food, herbs and supplements. He’s so much happier when before he was miserable almost all the time. I wish I’d known earlier and thank God for websites like this one!

  3. Natural diet and supplements made a big difference for my dogs. The chemicals really drag an animal down.

  4. Diet makes all the difference in the world!! I have a different dog since taking her off kibble, she’s never been so healthy even when she was a puppy. I cook all her meals and make most of her treats unless we’re camping, then I give her canned Halo.

  5. Massage has done wonders for my senior dog. He loves our “sessions” and it seems to help him sleep through the night better.

  6. Ya that communication thing is as much of a scam as any psychic but the other options have had some success. Anything is better than supporting big pharma scams.

  7. It’s not up to the usual standard of this site but it’s a good overview of natural pet care options. The whisperer stuff is a little ridiculous IMO.

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