We recently posted Free Resources for a ‘Dogs Die in Hot Cars’ Campaign, but we’ve noticed that the dangers of other vehicles and tents aren’t as well publicized.  A lot of people leave their dog in a camper or tent when they travel to places that aren’t dog-friendly, as is the case with the majority of tourist attractions and restaurants.  They may not realize that they’re putting their dog in grave danger because the camper is larger with less glass and a tent is often viewed as shaded.  Temperatures can still reach deadly levels, however, and the same rules apply as they do to hot cars.

If you intend to do a lot of touring or otherwise will leave your dog behind while camping, please consider leaving him with a pet-sitter instead.  Pet-sitters, jump on this marketing opportunity by advertising at local campgrounds, so people who want to take day trips know who to call.

Let’s create some awareness!  Please feel free to share this graphic on your website or social media.

Keep your dog cool while camping


10 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: Dogs Die in Hot Campers!

  1. We spent the past two weeks in a campground and saw so many dogs tied up alone all day. Some were left in campers too. It was really depressing to see so many people who just don’t care. Next time I’m making a poster to leave on their RVs.

  2. We leave our dogs with a petsitter if we’re going on long trips. We take him on weekend trips but he goes where we go.

  3. I just heard about another police dog dying in a hot car, you’d think they’d know better!!

  4. SO TRUE!!! The focus is always on cars but any situation that has a dog in an enclosed space is dangerous in the heat.

  5. I have told so many campers about that and they just roll their eyes. It’s crazy how many people are willing to ignore the facts.

  6. It’s great that families want to include their dogs but if it’s going to be left alone in a strange place most of the time it’d be kinder to leave it home anyway. Mine would probably rip a hole in a tent or screen to get out 🙂

  7. Good point, it’s every bit as dangerous as a hot car and it’s an even more common problem.

  8. I’m sure people leave their dogs behind at campsites often and never think twice about it. We sould put up some posters in campgrounds and gas stations.

  9. I’ve seen dogs tied to campers without shade before too. Use your brain people! Leave the dog at home with a housesitter!

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