Would you come to my house, leave garbage all over the floor, contaminate my aquariums, burn the place down and kill my family?

When we visit someone, most of us are on our best behavior.  We’re helpful, neat and careful with their things.  When we go out into the wild hiking or camping, we’re visiting the creatures who live there and should offer them the same courtesy.

It’s pretty basic stuff:

  • Pick up garbage – leave nothing behind
  • Don’t pollute water & fish responsibly
  • Prevent forest fires
  • Don’t feed wildlife
  • Don’t approach wildlife

If you can’t do that, you’re not invited.

We’ve designed a graphic for you to share as a reminder to those who are out enjoying the weather this Summer. Our thanks to the Yerxa’s in New Brunswick for sharing a bit of their Canadian paradise to help us create awareness.

Protect wild habitats when camping or hiking

4 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: You Are Mother Nature’s Guest

  1. Camp sites are good but hiking trails can be really bad. We pick up after our family and after other people too. There are so few clean places left to enjoy.

  2. If we don’t take care of the wilderness there won’t be a place for us to go rough it for fun. Don’t be ignorant, pick up after yourself!!!

  3. Thanks for trying to create awareness but if people don’t know this already they’re probably beyond helping.

  4. We’re so careful when we camp but a lot of people couldn’t care less about the mess they leave behind. It makes them look like jackasses but I guess they don’t care.

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