Humans love to tame wild creatures or ‘help’ them by providing food, but it can get the animal killed. Tempting animals with garbage and food stored outdoors can also lead to their death.

All Summer long we’ve heard stories of bears, raccoons, cougars, wolves and other wildlife being killed because they’ve come in contact with humans. Losing their natural fear of humans can make them aggressive and dangerous. The animal community cries with outrage over the senseless loss of life. Truth be told, it isn’t wildlife officials who cause the death of these creatures, it’s the fault of animal lovers who leave food outside or otherwise encourage wildlife to come into contact with humans.

Blogging, posting signs and sharing graphics like the one below is a kindness that will save animals rather than kill them. Please feel free to use the below design on social media or your website.

Never Feed Wildlife

A fed bear is a dead bear!

5 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: Never Feed Wildlife

  1. So many people think feeding wild animals is cool or cute, it’s all over the internet. Dumbasses are going to get themselves killed one of these days.

  2. People can be so foolish. They’re wild animals and they should remain that way for the safety of them and everyone else.

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