The beautiful Skiffia francesae Goodeid is an endangered fish kept as a conservation project by All Natural Pet Care.

Aquarium Conservation Fish - Endangered Skiffia francesae




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3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Endangered Aquarium Fish Skiffia Francesae

  1. Ola! Melody Mckinnon,
    Thanks for the above, There are a lot of rare aquarium fish and aquarists develop a fascination in them because of their beauty and uniqueness. The first thing I asked myself when I heard about this is “what makes a fish rare?” For one, it refers to how difficult specimens are reproduced. Fish rarity often works in a sequence where breeders tend to concentrate on species which will make them profit. Other fish are considered rare because they are just recently introduced to the fish trade. Some aquarists actually breed a new variety and they will try to limit the ability of others to breed. This is often done by selling only one of the two sexes for sale.
    Kindest Regards

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