A viral disease, Rabies can infect warm-blooded species resulting in acute brain inflammation and death.  We’re coming up to World Rabies Awareness Day on September 28th and September is Rabies Awareness Month. It’s all part of an awareness campaign to reinforce the message that rabies is a preventable disease, yet kills 55,000 people needlessly each year, half of which are children under the age of 15.

“Rabies is primarily a disease of children, who are particularly at risk from this terrible disease, due to their close contact with dogs, the major global source”, said Dr. Debbie Briggs, Executive Director of the Alliance for Rabies Control.  “Children are more likely to suffer multiple bites and scratches to the face and head, both of which carry a higher risk of contracting rabies.  Children are often unaware of the danger that dogs transmit rabies and may not tell their parents when a bite, lick, or scratch has occurred from an infected animal”, says Briggs.

Once symptoms appear, rabies is always fatal in animals and people.

Will you help us create awareness & save lives?

You’ll find educational materials at the World Rabies Day website, as well as graphics for promotion in many languages (like the badge pictured here).

To assist in the awareness campaign, we’ve designed an infographic for you to share.  You can share this page, or use the infographic on your own website.  If you use it on your site, please save & upload it to your own server and credit us for the design with a link.

Rabies Statistics, Prevention and Treatment - Infographic - World Rabies Day

Infographic Designed by AllNaturalPetCare.com

Thanks for caring & sharing!

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
World Health Oranization
World Rabies Day
Centers for Disease Control


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8 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: September is Rabies Awareness Month [Infographic]

  1. I hope more information about caring for pets can be posted. This is a very good blog, I love the design. Perhaps more pictures can be posted. Maybe some ideas on how to taking care of pets in daily life can be share. Overall it is a very informative blog. My comment is generally for academic purposes.

  2. I’d like to publish this infographic next September. I missed the boat this year.
    Thanks for letting everyone use it to spread the word about rabies around the world.

  3. People complain about pet vaccinations but if you compare the vaccinated countries with the others with high rabies infections you can see the good outweighs the bad.

  4. Rabies is mostly under control in the US but we do get warnings sometimes. Third world countries need help in so many ways but food & water is most important.

  5. How heartbreaking so many children die from their natural instinct to approach a dog. Education is desperately needed apparently and I commend your efforts.

  6. WOW! I hope you’ll do more. I’m into the whole infographic thing especially when they’re about animals.

  7. You’re a gifted artist for writing and design. I didn’t know rabies was such a threat in some places and I thank you for clearing my ignorance on the topic.

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