Welfare Weekend: Black Cats Are Not Evil [Awareness Poster]

Silly superstitions and folklore can make October a dangerous time for black cats.  We’ll be focusing on black cat awareness for our Welfare Weekend posts this month.  Please help us create awareness by sharing the graphics we design on social media or your website.  The first one, “People can be evil, black cats are just black cats”, is included in this post.  Thank you for sharing and caring!

Black Cat Awareness Digi-Poster - October Animal Welfare Campaign


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4 Responses to “Welfare Weekend: Black Cats Are Not Evil [Awareness Poster]”

  1. Tyson & Rick says:

    Bang on! If someone says black cats are bad luck I can’t help but burst out laughing. How stupid is that?

  2. DARLA says:

    Shelters fight this superstition all year long. It’s ridiculous. I think black cats and dogs are CLASSY!!!

  3. Cindy L. says:

    You’re right, it IS a silly supersticion and I can’t believe some people believe it. We have one black cat and one that is almost all black and we’re not dead yet ;).

  4. Our mommy’s first kitty was a black cat that she named Truffles… If she ever adopts another it will be a black cat. =^^=

    Pudding & Parfait

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