Pet adoption is all the rage in Hollywood, it’s the classy thing to do. Black cats and dogs are often left behind at shelters, however. We’re hoping our latest meme will help change that with a little assistance from our kind friends. Please share it on social media or your website.

Adopt a Classy Black Cat

Thank you for caring & sharing!

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5 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: Every Girl Should Have A Little Black Cat [Meme]

  1. My person pampers me and spoils me beyond belief. I know how good I have it, believe me. Recently retired from the stage, I have found my true vocation in watching over my girl. In return, I get all the massage, grooming, birdwatching, sunny spots, cat trees and a zillion other playthings, including ones she made just for me. (she’s currently building me a multi-storied house to climb in.) I have pillows she has made for me, backed in reflective blankets to keep me toasty any time I feel a chill. She buys me the best of everything. Even though she had a recent job loss, she makes sure I get my medicine, and special food I like since I lost my teeth. My box is cleaned at least 4-5 times a day. We communicate with the eyes, and she knows how much I love her. I am the perfect arm candy. But she is a true beauty inside and I wouldn’t even trade my girl for Tuesday Weld, even though Tuesday is famous. My girl and I watch over each other. Oh, and Oliver the dog helps too. But frankly, we both know that I’m the handsomer of the two of us. (you know what else? I get only filtered water!) I even tell her when it is time to get back in the house when she has been gone too long. (These female persons – one really has to watch out for them!) Special thanks to Dr. Lisa for all her help and care as well. I’m one cool lucky cat.

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