Many pet parents buy chew toys for their dog for Christmas or just for fun.  The Internet has inspired more safety-conscious choices, but there’s a new threat that many may not be aware of.

Recent Texas Tech University research indicates dogs that chew on some “plastic” toys may be exposed to Phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA).  No studies have been done on dogs to determine if these chemicals are as harmful as they have proven to be for humans.   However, considering many dog chew toys contain much higher levels of these chemicals than children’s toys do, and pets are often even more sensitive to chemicals than humans, it’s wise to be cautious.

Health problems linked to BPA and Phthalates in humans include some cancers, infertility, and reproductive disorders. Canada, the US and the European Union have banned harmful Phthalates and BPA in many children and infant products (such as baby bottles).

Dog Chew Toy Brands that do not contain BPA or Phthalates (at the time of publishing):

✔ Nylabone
✔ Kong
✔ Pet Projekt
✔ Triple Crown
✔ West Paw
✔ Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff

Many of these brands are available from Only Natural Pet Store.  Such a reassuring name, isn’t it?  Although the term ‘natural’ is used loosely for some products so it’s always good to dig a little deeper 🙂 . We also enjoy their excellent customer service and they always have sales going.

Avoiding these and other chemicals can be challenging. Our family (pets & people) relies on Calcium Montmorillonite Clay to bind and harmlessly remove chemicals and other toxins (like mycotoxins) we may not be aware of.

Natural Pet Care Blog CommentsDo you know of any other brands that are free of BPA and Phthalates?  Please share them with your fellow pet parents in the comments below.

Environmental Health News
Product information and direct correspondence with companies.  We encourage you to contact companies for verification.

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6 thoughts on “Pet Chew Toys May Contain BPA and Phthalates (Study) – Which Brands Don’t

  1. All plastic chew toys are going to have some chemicals but these ones are the most harmful. The list is helpful.

  2. There seems to be problems with all chew products including natural rawhide and bones. I don’t give my dogs anything except bones but it’s good to know which chew toys don’t have those chemicals.

  3. I have written to some companies on this list and they were very helpful. There’s a lot of dated, wrong, promotional or hateful information online and most of it appears to be written by complete morons or activists without a cause. :-o. Thanks for providing objective info.

  4. It’s amazing our babies and animals don’t have two heads with all the chemicals they’ve been exposed to.

  5. OMG! What is WRONG with these manufacturers! Thank you so very much for the list of RESPONSIBLE pet toy makers!

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