Mollies and other Livebearers have been a staple in aquariums for many years.  They’re usually purchased in an aquarium store, catching the eye of fish-keepers with their rainbow of colors and fancy finnage.   Many fish-keepers are unaware that most of these retail Mollies are actually hybrids of several wild Molly species, selectively bred for elaborate finnage and shades.

As their knowledge of Livebearers deepens, hobbyists discover the wild species that are sometimes available from their fellow aquarists or fish clubs.  These fish may be threatened in the wild, making captive maintenance programs crucial to their survival as a species.

Wild Molly species can be found all over the world.  Their environment can vary in salinity levels and often has a high pH, but there are those found in soft water with no salinity too.  Captive care usually isn’t too difficult, but they do demand a very clean environment with frequent water changes and good filtration.  Mollies require a high quality diet that includes a higher level of vegetation (seaweed/algae, vegetables, etc.) than other omnivorous fish, along with meat protein from krill, rotifers, insects, larvae, fish, chopped earthworms, etc.  Ours are fed homemade, frozen and freeze-dried fish food, along with seaweed flakes.

Below are a few of the wild-type Mollies (natural species, aquarium strain) we’ve kept in our aquariums, including Poecilia kykesis, Poecilia velifera, Poecilia latipinna, Poecilia orri, and various Poecilia sphenops species.

Wild Mollies - Poecilia in our Aquariums

??? Have you ever kept wild-type fish in your aquarium?  Please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Natural Aquariums – Wild-Type Mollies

  1. I had a whole tank of Velifera mollies once with plants and big rocks. The only other fish was a big school of cardinal tetras. It was one of the most beautiful aquariums I’ve ever built. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. I’ve had some wild sail fin mollies but I underestimated the space they need. I hope to have room for them again soon because I loved them. They wave that sail fin proudly around like a flag.

  3. I’ve been feeding my fish just flakes so thanks for the advice. They’ve been growing slow and they don’t look as healthy as your mollies so I’m hoping that will help. I’ll do more water changing too and maybe even buy a new filter. I want to take good care of them!

  4. Stunning fish!!! I’m already a member of the ALA but I have to miss the convention this year. I’ve been at 8 of them and highly recommend it to people.

  5. I’ve only had fancy mollies from stores so far but man are those wild one beautiful or what! I’m going to check out the livebearers club and get me some of those asap.

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