Making your own natural pet food and treats is worth the effort, but I’m always looking for ways to make the process easier. A time-consuming aspect of the homemade pet diet is measuring out individual supplements. While some require precise doses, most of the food-based supplements do not.  This makes them perfect for mixing up in a shaker.

DIY Natural Shaker Supplements for Homemade Pet FoodFor us, this was a big problem because we produce hand-made Bottom Bites fish food on a larger scale. We began mixing our own powdered ingredients to streamline the process.

You can recycle a spice shaker or pick up a glass spice shaker at your local dollar store. Simply spoon in your favorite natural powdered supplements, shake it, and you’re ready to go. You can shake it into pet food recipes, homemade treats, onto raw food, or mix it into commercial food to give it a healthy boost.  You can even sprinkle it over homemade pet treats as a decoration.

Additionally, this is a great way to customize natural supplements for your pet’s specific needs. Mix dried herbs to help with physical conditions, for example. It’s important to use fresh, gently-dried herbs for full effectiveness, for which we rely on Starwest Botanicals. Make sure you consult with your veterinarian about the herbs you intend to use in order to avoid drug interactions or other complications.

Our personal shaker supplements are a mix of several seaweed species, krill, nutritive herbs, and a teaspoon of calcium montmorillonite clay. You can also mix one up that is suitable for both humans and pets, allowing you to sneak a shake into your human meals too.

??? Feeding naturally doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Do you have any tips to make it easier?

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7 thoughts on “DIY Natural Shaker Supplements for Homemade Pet Food

  1. I love this shaker. This is such a good idea. I keep my dry herbs in cannisters, well i enjoy reading this blogs thanks for sharing.

  2. I keep my dry herbs in cannisters so I can dip a measuring spoon in easily. For the herbs I don’t measure this will work great. I truly enjoy this blog, thanks.

  3. Love it! Now I want to get a new spice rack and just fill it with great stuff to add to our food and the pets we have. Thanking you!

  4. I’ve mixed a few dry ingredients in a bag but I love the shaker idea. Off to the dollar store!

  5. I’ve used Starwest for a long time and they’ve always been great. It’s funny that I mix oils but never thought to mix herbs. Great idea.

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