Seaweed is packed with a wide range of nutrients and countless benefits that extend to virtually all species, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish and humans. It’s the superfood that puts other superfoods to shame. If you’re feeding it to your pets, they are very lucky to have such a learned and doting caregiver.

The alarming reports about the contamination of seafood from the Pacific Ocean has also caused a bit of a panic about seaweed.

We have been monitoring results from seaweed testing in the Pacific Ocean due to these concerns about radiation from Japan. Seaweed contains it’s own detox abilities that usually takes care of any impurities through binding. It may contain impurities, but they are never absorbed by the body so in effect they don’t count. However, in extreme cases, contaminants may overwhelm seaweed’s capacity to offset them. Seaweed gathered around Japan (and possibly beyond that) would certainly be an extreme case.Is Your Pet's Seaweed Radioactive?

It’s important that you know where your pet’s seaweed is harvested from to avoid impurities. If the product does not state specifically where the seaweed was harvested, we strongly suggest you leave it on the shelf. We also suggest you buy human-grade seaweed. Our fear is the contaminated seaweed might make its way into pet and fertilizer grades. I haven’t seen any evidence of that but it’s something to consider while we’re on the topic.

If your pet food contains seaweed, we suggest writing to the manufacture to ask where it comes from. Kelp has become a common additive, for example. Virtually all fish food contains seaweed too. In fact, it would be a good idea to ask pet food manufacturers about the origins of all sea-derived ingredients.

Our seaweed is harvested from the Atlantic Ocean off the pristine shores of Canada, where it is naturally dried, flaked/ground, and packaged for human consumption. We purchase it directly from the same artisan company that harvests it fresh each season, so it’s no problem for us to track the source.

For additional reassurance, add Calcium Montmorillonite Clay to the diet. Human-grade Calcium Montmorillonite Clay powder detoxifies a wide range of contaminants through binding, including aflatoxins and radiation. It’s so effective, radioactive material is buried in it and victims of Hiroshima were given doses of it following the atomic explosion. Finely ground Calcium Montmorillonite Clay is also a premium mineral supplement with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that treats a plethora of ailments, from diarrhea to hot spots.

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  1. That IS scary and I hope pet food businesses are paying attention. They need someone like you on staff if they’re going to mess around with natural ingredients they know next to nothing about. It’s more than something nice to put on the bag so people will buy it because it’s natural! Thank you!

  2. I thought I was safe when I started making my own food!!! I threw out my seaweed and I’ll have a look around locally or order. SHEESH!!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!

  3. I read something about this awhile ago so I haven’t been giving seaweed to them at all. I’m glad there’s a way around it because the cats go nuts for it and the dogs seem fine with it too.

  4. I’ve heard seaweed is sucking up a lot of radiation and it actually helps repair the damage done by it in the ocean. It’s like a natural toxic sponge so you can see how it could end up contaminated. Great point but it’s scary to contemplate.

  5. OMG! Trying to be diligent is becomong too impossible to tackle. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. I’m writing to the manufacturers RIGHT NOW! thank you for staying on top of things!!

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