It can be a challenge to add natural supplements to your pet’s diet, especially if you make your own pet food and/or feed raw.  We have a few simple tricks we use when making dehydrated pet treats that may help.  These pet treats can be formulated for virtually all pets, including dogs, cats, horses, fish and small animals like rabbits.

Dry Supplements for Dehydrated Pet TreatsRoll 'ems - Naturally Supplement DIY Dehydrated Pet Treats

The simplest way to deliver natural pet supplements when dehydrating is to mix up dry versions.  Blend several natural supplements in a bowl and simply roll the item in it.  Since meat is wet with blood “juices”, dry supplements stick well to it.  We’ve used pieces of pork or beef roast, fish fillets, meatballs and even whole shrimp.

Our favorite natural, dry supplement ingredients for pet treats include:

Mixed Seaweed/Algae Powder – The most nutritious plant matter on the planet, with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasite properties.
Calcium Montmorillonite Clay – Premium mineral supplement that also protects pets from toxins and bacteria.
Krill Krumbles – Packed with antioxidants and Omega 3, Krill is also an attractant that encourages even the most fussy pet to clean their plate.
Raw “Gris” Sea Salt – Just a dash of this low sodium, raw sea salt offers a complete array of minerals while making items more tasty.

TIP:  If you still can’t get your cat interested, add a little catnip powder to the mix.

Wet Supplements for Dehydrated Pet Treats

Mix up a vegetable puree or use organic baby food (avoid varieties that contain onion or garlic powder).  Stir in powdered natural supplements such as those suggested above.

Using this mixture you have three options:

  1. Replace part of the liquid in treat recipes and stir the mixture in.  Try it for cookie cutter recipes or smooth into a solid layer on parchment paper to break apart later.  We use the latter method to make our dehydrated Bottom Bites natural fish food formulas.
  2. Mix into meatballs using ground beef or turkey.  It helps to add an egg to the mix to keep the meatball together, and some breadcrumbs will keep them from becoming too hard.  Meatballs will dehydrate faster if you use a fork to slightly flatten them.
  3. Pour into a mixing bowl and dip meat chunks before placing them on a parchment baking sheet lining a dehydrator tray.

Natural nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated and it offers so many more benefits than synthetic supplements.  Gently dehydrating pet food preserves more nutrients than baking or freezing, resulting in a more nutritious treat overall.

Natural Pet Care Blog CommentsWhat’s your favorite natural supplement trick for dehydrated pet treats?  Please share in the comments below.

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  1. My dehydrator broke down last summer and it’s no wonder because I used it almost every day! I’m hoping for a new one for my birthday next month, wish me luck! 😉

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  3. Great tips! I had a dehydrator but didn’t use it so it went into a yard sale. Now that I’m reading about the pet treats I can make I’m going to buy another one. I may even sell them at the farmer’s market! You’re such an inspiration – thank you.

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  5. MEATBALLS??? Why didn’t I think of that? What an awesome idea for medication too right?

  6. I’ve only done jerky for the dogs but I’m excited to try something new! Anything is better than the store treats!

  7. I have a small dehydrator and want to practice with that before getting a bigger one. I’m going to try lots of things as my garden is harvested. I usually just dry single things like sweet potatoes and I didn’t think of drying mixed treats……hmmmmm…..:-D

  8. Brilliant ideas good for humans too!! I just started dehydrating with a dehydrator. I used an oven the first few time but man does that eat up electricity!! Thanks for the tips!!!

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