When Bandit heard that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, he came to us all the way from New Brunswick, Canada to set the record straight. He insists that it’s Adopt A Human Month! You see, Bandit and his Mom left the feral life behind when they landed on the doorstep of a home without any kitties at all. I know! Sad, right? Those cats adopted that poor catless couple and the rest is history.

I don’t usually have first-pet posts but Bandit has sharp claws so I’m going to allow it just this once. He says, “Listen cats, if you can find a retired couple to adopt, grab ’em! They have lots of time to spend with you and ooooohhhhhh BOY do you get spoiled!”

Retired or not, please welcome a shelter (or feral) cat into your family if you can. Cats take very good care of humans and they’re great for your health. They make wonderful pets for any size home and will love you with a lion heart.

Thanks to the Ponds for letting Bandit make the trip to our blog so he can share his pride in having rescued a human family. 😉

SPCA Adopt a Cat (or Human) Month

??? I also have an adopted cat who first blessed us 17 years ago and continues to bless us today. Have you ever adopted a cat?

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2 thoughts on “Welfare Weekend: June is Adopt a Cat Month!

  1. I volunteer at an SPCA and we are overrun with cats and kittens. We have sales on adoption fees and I know other shelters are doing that too. It’s a great time to adopt a new cat! Go do it!

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