Pet parents often make their own pet food & pet treats because they want to control the ingredients. Eliminating chemicals like dyes is a priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create naturally colorful treats for your pet. What’s more, you can seriously boost the nutritional content of your treats while you’re at it!

You can purchase natural food dyes derived from plant sources quite easily these days. Processing limits the nutritional value of natural food coloring, however, so you may want to try using whole foods instead.

Add Natural Green Coloring to your Favorite Pet Treat Recipe

All of these ideas are perfectly safe for the entire family:

A dash of Chlorella or Spirulina Algae will give you a deep green color. Seaweed will also provide more vitamins and minerals than any other vegetation and kick-start the immune system.

Powdered Green Tea will result in a lighter green and add a shot of disease-preventing antioxidants. Green Tea extract shouldn’t be overused, however, due to the possibility of liver damage.

For dogs, horses and rabbits, mix in green vegetables or use them to decorate the top. Chopped leafy greens, green peppers or seaweed will boost the beauty and nutritional content. Seaweed is just fine for cats as well.

St. Patrick's Day Irish Setter Poster

Wishing you all a safe and lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

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