There’s a lot of natural pet care information online and not all of it is reliable. Many websites tend to get caught up in recommending only natural remedies, without mentioning mainstream Veterinary care or allopathic medication. The fact is, we need synthetic medication. We can tackle some conditions and symptoms naturally, or provide supportive natural treatments like supplements, but often we also need pharmaceutical medication to cure or treat ourselves and our pets.

When Your Pet Needs a Vet

Bacterial/Viral/Fungal Infections – Society has become more aware of the overuse of antibiotics, but they are necessary in critical situations. Antifungal medications are necessary to treat fungal infections like Ringworm. Antiviral medication is sometimes used for serious viral infections.

Kidney Disease – Having battled kidney disease in our senior cat, I am painfully aware of necessary treatment. While there is no cure, many of the secondary problems may require medication, such as bladder infections, anemia, vomiting, or dehydration.

Heart Disease – Conventional therapy for heart disease may involve the use of diuretics, calcium-channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, digitalis, etc.

Mange – Demodectic, sarcoptic and notoedric Mange is usually treated with medicated shampoo or “dips”. Drugs like Ivermectin can treat most types of mange, but may be toxic to some breeds (namely Collies).

Canine Hypothyroidism – Most dogs with Hypothyroidism will be on a synthetic medication for life. Medication requirements can vary throughout the dog’s life, necessitating regular blood work and dosage adjustment.

Can You Trust Online Pet Pharmacies?

Treating medical conditions in pets can get very expensive, but there are safe alternatives to paying inflated prices charged at many veterinary clinics. Using online pet pharmacies, with guidance and a prescription from your veterinarian, can save you hundreds of dollars. It is imperative that you only deal with trusted online pet pharmacies, however, such as Pet Care Rx.

Trustworthy online pet pharmacies will meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed in your country/state/province. For example, a legitimate USA online pet pharmacy should be licensed in all 50 states.
  • The pharmacy should be verified by the Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s Veterinary Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site program.  It’s voluntary, but most legitimate pet pharmacies are verified.
  • The staff should be licensed pharmacists.
  • Prescription medication should require a prescription.
  • Pet medication should be FDA-approved.
  • Information about the medication should be provided, including ingredients and side effects.
  • Contact information should be provided.
  • Preferably have a high BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating.

If you have questions or concerns about your experience at a pharmacy or with a pharmacist, contact your board of pharmacy for assistance.

??? Have you ever treated your pet’s condition with prescribed medication?  Please share your experience in the comments below.

FDA Online Pet Pharmacies
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8 thoughts on “5 Common Pet Conditions that DON’T have Natural Remedies

  1. I can’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to think there’s always a natural cure but you’re right some do. Natural all the way when I can but when my babies need something from a pharmacy they get it asap! Prescriptions are crazy expensive in Canada where we live. I always order prescription med for our dogs online unless we need it right away.

  2. Well, it is sad to hear that the above pet conditions do not have natural remedies. But, unfortunately, pharmaceutical medications often come handier when it comes to pets.

  3. Drugs are absolutely necessary! Good for you for educating people who go way too gaga over only natural remedies. I’ve orderd from 2 online pharm’s and both went smoothly. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting the wrong drugs before but I bet they went with the cheapest site they found.

  4. Good points! I’ve ordered from Petcarerx before with no problem. Like you said it’s a matter of being careful and watching for red flags like you should with any store but especially for health.

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