Oh we know costumes are cute on pets, but they aren’t natural and with anything unnatural comes potential danger. We suggest avoiding costumes entirely for cats because they’re just too tough to supervise. Try a nice Halloween-theme collar instead.  If you decide to buy a Halloween costume for your dog, please consider the following pet costume safety tips.

How to Avoid a Halloween Costume Nightmare

  • Naturally, you’ll want to show off your dog’s costume.  It’s important to make sure your dog is leashed, tagged/chipped, and remains under an adult’s control. This applies whether he’s out with you or home with access to the door.
  • Don’t force the issue – not all dogs enjoy dressing up.
  • The less elaborate the dog costume is, the more likely it is that your pet will tolerate it and be comfortable.
  • Check the costume carefully to ensure there are no pieces that can be chewed off or get caught on objects.
  • Make sure it fits properly so it’s comfortable, stays in place, and does not restrict your dog’s movement.
  • Do not use Halloween masks on pets.
  • Avoid elastics in pet costumes – they can be uncomfortable and impair circulation.
  • Consider adding secured reflective material.
  • NEVER leave a costumed dog unsupervised.

Bonus Halloween Safety Tip:  Remember his first duty is to guard your family. If someone frightens you or your children or if he senses any nervousness at all, he’ll probably go into protection mode and may act aggressively.

For more Halloween pet safety tips, please visit the ASPCA.

STAY SAFE & HAPPY Dog Halloween costume safety alerts HAUNTING!

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