By Veselina Dzhingarova

It is only natural that pet owners get concerned if their dog is unwell, and generally they will take all the precautions they can to stop this from happening. It can be awful when you can see that your dog is not himself, but since they cannot speak to you it’s difficult to find out what’s wrong with them or if they’re in pain.

Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet, the right amount of rest and plenty of exercise to help keep them healthy. Luckily, there are some other things you can do for the wellbeing of your beloved pet.

You may have heard people talk about medical hemp for dogs, or this may be the first time you have heard of it. Either way, medical hemp can be extremely beneficial for your pet, helping to keep them in tiptop condition.  If you want more information on what exactly medical hemp is, how it can help dogs and what it really does, read on to find out how to give your pooch one of the best natural treatments on the market.

What is Medical Hemp?

Medical marijuana for dogs refers to the cannabis strains known as sativa and is often referred to as “hemp”. Medical hemp for your pooch uses these strains to take the medical benefits from the cannabis plant, whilst extracting the THC. The THC is the chemical that gives you a “high” or makes you hallucinate. In Marijuana, the THC content is usually between 10 and 15 percent. The THC content of hemp has to be less than 0.3 percent. Medical hemp is completely natural and aids in a holistic approach to your dog’s medication regime. It is completely safe and made by professional veterinarians who only have the safety and health of dogs in mind. It is also completely natural. If you prefer using natural remedies yourself, why not give your dog the same treatment?

The cannabis plant has over 60 chemicals, some of which have therapeutic properties, but for years hemp was illegal in many countries. This was because it got lumped into the same class as all the other cannabis and marijuana products. Today, you can purchase hempseed products in your local grocery store. These include items such as soaps, lotions, hempseed protein powders and drinks like hempseed milk.

What Does It Do for My Pooch?

Just like humans can be prescribed medical marijuana, in hemp form it too can be beneficial for your dog. It has many natural benefits, without the use of any man-made products. As dogs tend to be smaller than humans, hemp has more effect on their body than marijuana would. Dogs of each size would need a different dosage to take full advantage of its benefits and you should seek professional advice on the amount to give.

Medical hemp can help to ensure your dog has a healthy working digestive system.  It also aids in the normal functioning of the immune system, meaning less chance of your dog becoming ill. It does this by stimulating natural responses to any external stimuli.

If your dog is already ill and has cancer, seizures or anxiety, hemp can serve as an alternative medication to help relieve the symptoms. It can also help if they are suffering from arthritis, nausea back pain or stomach problems. When your dog is unwell, anything that helps to make them feel better is advantageous, just like when we medicate ourselves for an illness.

Why Hemp?

Hemp is used as a substitute for medical marijuana, as too much could be toxic for your pet. Even with hemp, it should be monitored and you should know exactly how much you are giving to your pet to ensure they are receiving a safe and beneficial dose. Like any medications, overdoses pose potential risks for dogs, the most significant with hemp being intoxication. Life threatening conditions from a dog taking hemp are extremely rare, and feeding them things like chocolate, coffee, grapes or onions will do them more harm. Taking care of your pets health is of vital importance, and people think nothing of feeding their pet lots of vitamins and the like, so why not hemp?

Don’t worry though, as long as you purchase your hemp from a trusted source that has been approved by licensed veterinarians, you will always be informed of exactly how much to give, and how often. If you follow the dosage guidelines you will not have any problems, just a healthier dog.

It’s a lot harder to give your pet too much hemp, and it would have less adverse effects than marijuana if you did. Hemp contains all the natural benefits of the cannabis plant without intoxication. Just like humans a high in a dog can cause mental problems, but they will not understand why they are feeling like they do.

Marijuana is legal in most states, but hemp is totally legal nationwide. You do not need to worry that you are breaking the law or that you will get into trouble for purchasing this product.  You won’t have to go to the shady drug dealer down the street, as medical hemp is classed as a health product for animals. It is available in pet stores and at veterinary clinics, which would not be the case if it were unsafe or illegal.

Medical hemp has many natural benefits for your dog and does not have any known side effects. There’s also the option of using CDB oil for your dog. If your pooch suffers from any health condition, this could be the answer you have been looking for. It could well help them on the road to recovery, and result in a healthier life overall.

Guest Author Bio:
Veselina Dzhingarova is a traveler by soul and a pet lover. She is trying to live a better life using only natural products and eating healthy food and believes this should be followed both for human beings and pets.

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  1. Believe it or not…our vet recommended hemp when our dog was recovering from surgery to remove a tumor! I don’t know if it helped or not but he’s doing well now. If natural remedies work I’m all for it but aleays check with your vet!!

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