Black cat superstitions are thought to have originated with their association with witches, which folklore promotes as able to take the form of black cats and other domesticated animals. Our goal is to debunk black cat superstitions through education and shareable free graphics/memes like the ones below.

A black cat crossing one’s path is supposed to bring bad luck in some cultures, but it’s also considered to be good luck by others.  In some places, black cats can mean good or bad luck depending on the situation.  A dream is good, on your bed is bad… it all depends on where you are and whom you ask.  The Egyptians revered all cats.  Smart people, those Egyptians.

Of course, it’s all nonsense and black cats are just cats with black fur.  If you want to dwell on their color (or lack thereof), black is a classy shade that goes with everything on any occasion. Therefore, everyone should have at least one black cat, yes?  😉

We’re spreading awareness about black cats in October in the hopes of keeping them safe.  Below are a few memes for you to share on your website or in social media.  Thank you for caring and sharing!

Black Cat Halloween Safety

Adopt Black Cats

Keep Black Cats Indoors Around Halloween

Black Cat Halloween Safety


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2 thoughts on “Fighting Black Cat Superstitions with Awareness

  1. It’s hard to believe that anyone believes black cats are evil or bad luck these days but shelter adoption rates seem to indicate it’s still a prob. Thanks for sticking up for them. I think they’re gorgous!

  2. Proud parent to 3 black cats (2 have some white on them). I used to have one that was mostly black with a bit of orange and she was the most beautiful cat I’ve ever had. Don’t overlook them!!

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