Controlling pet hair in our home and vehicles is a perpetual challenge for pet parents.  Fortunately, there are many tips & tricks for keeping your home or car (almost) fur-free.

Controlling Pet Hair in Your Home

First & foremost, if your pet starts shedding excessively it’s time to call your veterinarian.

It may be a symptom of:

  • Fleas, lice or mites
  • Contact with irritating substances
  • Infections
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Disease
  • Sunburn
  • Aging

How You Can Help

1. See your veterinarian to rule out illness.

2. Brush regularly to catch loose fur before it drops around your home. Not only will it reduce the amount of fur in your home, but it will also help to keep your pet’s skin & fur healthy. If your cat suffers from hairballs, brushing will help considerably! We use one of the most popular pet brushes, the Furminator, to minimize the amount of fur our Maine Coon ingests while grooming. Brush outside when it’s practical to do so.

PetMD recommends the following types of pet brushes for each coat type:

  • Bristle brushes work for all coat types. The longer the fur, the longer brush bristles should be.
  • If you need to detangle woolly or curly coats, try a wire-pin brush.
  • Slicker brushes (like the aforementioned Furminator) are best for preventing mats and tangles.
  • Rubber curry combs can be used on short-haired dogs to help remove dander, dead skin, and old hair.

3. Improve their diet if necessary and you’ll see a marked improvement in their coat and skin health, which reduces shedding. Look for a food that’s high in digestible protein with few additives or common allergens. An Omega 3 supplement may be beneficial.

4. Bathe regularly, but not too often. Avoid using heat to dry them off.

7 Ways to Minimize Shedding Around You & Your Home

Fur in our homes is a fact of life for the caregivers of pets that shed, but it can certainly be kept to a minimum.

1. Use a damp rubber glove to gather fur from upholstery or carpeted corners for easier removal.

2. Keep a lint roller by the door, in the car and even at work to keep fur off your clothes.

3. Your laundry looks like an awesome bed to pets. Try to put it away ASAP.

4. Consider a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to remove pet hair more effectively. We no longer have to deal with fur & slobbers on our floors with the hands-free Shark® AI VacMop, which does it all automatically through an app, wi-fi, or smart home device. For carpets, we use the the cordless Shark® WANDVAC™ System, which is built to tackle pet fur as both a stick vacuum and detachable handheld vacuum.

5. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet to loosen pet hair and deodorize at the same time.

6. Electrostatic dust mops help control fur as you sweep.

7. A dry rubber squeegee can be used to ‘rake’ carpets using short strokes to pile pet hair for easy removal.

The following infographic provides a quick reference for some of these tips to control pet fur in your home:

Control Pet Hair in Your HomeInfographic provided by via

Do you have any shedding or fur cleanup tips for your fellow pet parents? Please share them in the comments below.


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