Autumn is a wonderful season for dogs, but there are some dangers that come with the Fall. Medical emergencies aren’t just life threatening, but also expensive. It’s important to remind ourselves of these dangers as the seasons change, and look for ways to make Fall fun too.

Autumn Dangers for Dogs

Dangerous Food

Most pet parents are aware that some of the food we eat is perfectly safe for humans, but not for dogs. Several of these foods are popular for Fall feasts and celebrations, including:

  • Cooked turkey & chicken bones can splinter, causing choking and blockages.
  • Fat trimmings can lead to pancreatitis in dogs.
  • Grapes & raisins are toxic to dogs.
  • Overeating table scraps can cause everything from an upset stomach to stomach rupture. Treating Bloat in dogs usually costs $500-$1000 USD.
  • Some nuts are toxic to dogs or may cause blockages, such as Black Walnuts and Macadamia Nuts. Black Walnut poisoning will cost you over $300 at the Vet.
  • Candy and sweets can cause similar problems in pets as they do in humans, including obesity, dental issues, pancreatitis, and diabetes. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. They don’t need sweet treats and will be just as happy with a bit of boneless chicken anyway. Accidental ingestion of candy and chocolate increases during Halloween week, however, so be extra careful.

Seasonal Dangers

  • Flea populations peak in the Fall, increasing the risk of infestation.
  • Allergies to Ragweed pollen and mold will often flare up in the Fall.
  • Acorns and oak leaves litter the ground and can be accidentally eaten, causing poisoning or intestinal blockage. Additionally, keep dogs away from water that has oak leaves or acorns in it because the poisons will leach into the water.
  • Fallen, fermenting apples can poison dogs and put them in dangerous situations.

Other Autumn Dangers for Dogs

Costumes and candy wrappers can cause serious medical emergencies. Scary trick-or-treaters, fire crackers and nervous children can bring out protective aggression or stress in dogs.

If you’ll be entertaining more this Fall, find a quiet, comfortable place for your dog to go if she’s overwhelmed by all the activity and new people. Let guests know what consideration your pets may need, and ask them not to feed anything to your pets.

Autumn Dangers for Dogs

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Fall is Fun Too!

Once the dangers are addressed, Fall becomes one of the best seasons for dogs. It’s cooler but not yet cold, so they can go outside to play and exercise. Get them outdoors to enjoy it before freezing temperatures arrive, if you’re in a cold climate.

Sociable dogs will have a blast with visitors and enjoy more time with their family. They can have some Fall favorites to eat as well, such as a little unseasoned/unsweetened pureed pumpkin or unseasoned/unsweetened apple sauce.

Autumn Fun For Dogs

What do you look out for to protect your dog from danger in the Fall? What’s your favorite thing to do with your pets in Autumn? Please share in the comments below.


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