About AllNaturalPetCare.com

Company Overview

Because no pet product supplier or manufacturer should feel threatened by an educated consumer, All Natural Pet Care focuses on verifiable information, guidance and awareness. We strive to support pet parents in their educated, natural pet care choices, and respect their right to make those choices.

We are proud to have set a whole new level of expectations for pet lovers – we nurture it, we learn from it and we embrace it.


To educate consumers with easily verifiable facts and information about holistic pet care and natural alternatives, with a focus on nutrition and immunity. Supply natural ingredients and supplements to enhance commercial food, facilitate home production of pet food, and offer support for pet parents in these endeavors. Providing natural solutions and products to the educated consumer who demands honesty, accountability and unsurpassed quality, is our ultimate goal.


Our exceptional holistic pet products and accessories includes freeze-dried & low-heat dehydrated, whole or powdered ingredients (human grade & organic when available, some exclusive in-house, sourced in North America). These all natural pet food ingredients are intended to enhance homemade pet food recipes, or to naturally supplement your favorite processed pet food.


^.,.^ Comprehensive list of Canadian seaweed species in flakes or powdered form.

^.,.^ Premium ‘gently dried’ wild protein ingredients.

^.,.^ Scientifically proven natural pet supplements & remedies.

^.,.^ Low-heat dehydrated, natural aquatic pet food.

^.,.^ Animal-themed cookie cutters, cellophane bags, baking cups, and other accessories for your homemade pet food & treat recipes.

Much more & still more to come! Our natural pet care product selection is constantly evolving and expanding to include even more holistic pet care solutions. We are forming exciting (and even some exclusive) partnerships, so please check AllNaturalPetcare.com often.

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