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Please send an email to Suppliers{at} for advertising/PR options, terms and rates.  Please visit our “Reviews” page for more information about product/book reviews, contest sponsorship, company/product profiles and other content-based options.

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If you would like to write for us, please send your complete, exclusive article submission (not queries) to Suppliers{at} for consideration.


  • We accept only exclusive, original articles written by the submitting author. We run various tests to prevent copyright infringement.
  • Our goal is to provide well-researched, detailed articles about natural pet care. We are looking for original, top quality, accurate, natural pet care  information (with sources/references when applicable).  If you wrote it in under an hour, it’s not what we’re looking for.
  • We do not accept articles about basic or general pet care, industry bashing, self-promotion material, affiliate copy, or AI/bot-generated/spinner articles.
  • Submissions should be at least 1000 words.
  • Clean, proofed copy is a must.
  • Author’s first & last name (byline) and bio must be provided.
  • A “no follow” link is permitted in the author bio only (author’s website URL, e-mail, social media, etc.). The link must be the author’s, not an advertisement for another website.  Sponsored posts may contain a “no follow” link in the body of the article. We do not allow “do follow” links under any circumstances. Links must be natural (not spammy or misleading) and may not lead to a website containing illegal content, or content unsuitable for a general audience.
  • Images must include copyright information.
  • Please read through our blog to get a feel for the quality and tone of our posts, and to determine if a similar post has already been published.
  • We reserve the right to do minor editing.
  • We do not guarantee publication, but you will be promptly notified of our decision.

Submit a Recipe:  Do you have a great pet food recipe that you’d like to share? Please e-mail it to suppliers{at} You’ll receive full credit, including a link to your website in the bio if we we publish it. Recipes do not have to be exclusive submissions, but please submit only your own original recipes.

A Note About the Content on

Content on this website (all or in part) may NOT be used elsewhere without our expressed permission. We have zero tolerance for copyright infringement and bandwidth theft.  Content theft will result in:

  • Reporting to your website hosting company with a request that your website be removed for copyright infringement (which is banned by all hosts).
  • Reporting to your ISP for illegal activity.
  • Reporting to any affiliates advertised on your website (including Google Adsense, Amazon, etc.), virtually all of which prohibit advertising on websites in violation of copyright.
  • Legal action
  • Public notification of your theft.

Thank you for respecting the effort that we have put into our original content.

Reprint Rights

Reprint rights for our blog posts may be available for some posts.  Please contact us at suppliers{at} for details.

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  1. Dear ANPC A Big Thank You for your web site. I am a 52 year old Englishman that grew up learning from books or from old hands with years of self learning and iv only been using the WWW a year or so. I’m a firm belived in Natural and Fresh Food for every animal in my care and iv kept a wide rang in my life,, iv looked at Hundrads of sites for the info you have on DIY fish food ect and almost all except your site are pretty much Parroting one another and alot of dangerously WRONG Info. I have 2 LG Malawi aquariums 1 Mbuna., 1 LG Haps. If I may id like to drain as much info and advise you may have to offer if willing please.
    Thank fully yours
    Rob Sawyer

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