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Using Nutritive Herbs for Pet Dietary Supplements (with Recipe) ©

Supplements derived from whole foods offer benefits that synthetic supplements do not. Synthetic vitamins and minerals are fractions. They’re one part of a group of compounds that make up a whole nutrient. These compounds may influence each other or work together in ways we don’t yet understand. Nutrients derived from fresh, whole foods offer a […]

Pet Treat Recipe: Super-Greens Muffins for Dogs and Horses ©

This is a time of year when fresh, organic vegetables are plentiful and often on sale. There is an abundance of green, leafy vegetables at our disposal and their benefits to dogs and horses are many. They’re packed with nutrients, including Vitamins A, C and K, iron, folic acid, manganese, magnesium, calcium, glucosinolates and phytochemicals. […]

Natural Sources of Electrolytes for Pets + Treat Recipe ©

Ionic solutions called electrolytes are essential for nerve and muscle function, and to maintain fluid and acid-base balance.  Electrolytes can conduct electrical impulses when dissolved in body fluids.  The electrolytes sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, calcium, and phosphates are at risk of depletion when animals and humans are dehydrated. Electrolyte balance becomes especially important in the […]

Book Review: My Dog Says I’m a Great Cook! ©

I’ve always loved community cookbooks because the contributors share their very best recipes.  They’re the most used cookbooks in my collection, worn and stained with splatters of fudge and other goodies that almost invariably turn out.  That’s why I was so happy to hear that John Bigley and Paris Permenter of were calling for […]

Natural Dog Treat Recipe – Seasonal Seaweedies ©

Dog treats can be yummy, healthy and festive too!  This dog cookie recipe uses the natural coloring effects of nutrition-packed mixed seaweed, which produces a green cookie with flecks of red. 

Holistic Dog Food Recipe – Healthy Digestion Pumpkin Meatloaf ©

A healthy digestive system can benefit your dog in many ways. It improves nutrient uptake and utilization, ensures optimal immune function, prevents disease, treats bad breath, and prevents digestive upset such as vomiting or loose stools. The following holistic dog food recipe is formulated to improve and nurture a healthy canine gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In […]

Dog or Horse Treat Recipe: Easy Crunchy Pumpkin Apple Cookies ©

We lived in front of an orchard when I was growing up, so Autumn always brings back memories of climbing into the trees and eating way too many apples.  Dogs and horses will often eat a chunk of apple raw and their wild cousins snack on fallen fruit.  We like to make apple season a […]

Horse Treat Recipe: Mrs. Chan’s Healthy Horse Chews ©

We recently published a letter from a customer in which he mentioned his wife making ‘chews’ for his horses.  We asked her for the recipe and she graciously sent it to us for publication.  She combines a few old tricks for racehorses into one healthy treat. Healthy Horse Chews © Submitted by Mrs. Alex Chan […]

Dog Treat Recipe – Homemade Joint & Arthritis Supplements ©

Arthritis is a major concern for aging and large breed dogs and prevention can go a long way.  Pet parents often purchase joint supplements, but they can be expensive and it’s difficult to determine the quality of the ingredients.  Manufactured supplements are also highly processed and are frequently exposed to high temperatures. The good news […]

Cat Treat Recipe: Frozen Pops For Cool Cats ©

We’ll be formulating lots of recipes to keep pets cool over the Summer, beginning with some frozen pops for cats.   We like frozen treats because they’re easy and they increase fluid intake when pets need it most.  The leftover water is eagerly lapped up because it’s full of flavor. This recipe combines the omega-rich nutrition […]

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