Welfare Weekend: September is Rabies Awareness Month [Infographic]

A viral disease, Rabies can infect warm-blooded species resulting in acute brain inflammation and death.  We’re coming up to World Rabies Awareness Day on September 28th and September is Rabies Awareness Month. It’s all part of an awareness campaign to reinforce the message that rabies is a preventable disease, yet kills 55,000 people needlessly each […]

Scientists Successfully Zap Canine Cancer with Rabbit Virus ©

Researchers in Champaign, Illinois have discovered an altered myxoma virus that afflicts rabbits, infects and kills dog cancer cells but not healthy cells.  The virus doesn’t infect dogs or humans.  They also discovered that the deletion of a single gene improved the effectiveness of the myxoma virus anti-cancer therapy.

Welfare Weekend: Puppy Mill Puppies Hit the Black Market ©

The UK Kennel Club is the latest organization to report an alarming increase in black market puppies from puppy mills.  These puppies are being sold in classifieds and online, and they’re fooling millions of potential pet parents with clever schemes.  In their study, 35 percent of puppy buyers had home delivery without previewing, and 12 […]

AnimalBehaviorist.us Makes Official Debut for Pet Owners and Animal Lovers

We’re always happy to hear about more reliable resources for pet parents.  AnimalBehaviorist.us can help us care for our pets through a better understanding of their natural behavior.  The site “is an in-depth resource of research, advice and insight into animal behavior, welfare, conservation and education.” We have a list of other reliable information sources […]

Governments Warn of Danger to Pets from Illegal Insecticide Chalk ©

Both Canada and the US have recently issued warnings over the use of ‘Insecticide Chalk’ illegally imported from China, due to the extreme danger it poses to pets and children.  This illegal Insecticide Chalk may be branded as “Miraculous Chalk”, “Chinese Chalk” or “Cockroach Chalk”, and may even include a ‘safe for humans and animals’ […]