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Survey Finds Pet Parents Perplexed About Pet Nutrition – Here’s Why ©

In spite of a strong movement towards increased knowledge of pet care, many pet parents are still confused and misinformed about pet nutrition, a PetMD survey has concluded. It’s not difficult to figure out the source of misinformation when you read some of the misconceptions. 

Pet Business: Pro Blogger Offering Crazy eBook Deals This Week!

One of the first useful books I’ve read about the business of blogging was published by Pro Blogger. Right now, you have a unique opportunity to learn blogging from the best in the business, with eBooks priced at 50-90% off – just $10 each – until December 7th. Grabbing all six will save you $250!

Welfare Weekend: Puppy Mill Puppies Hit the Black Market ©

The UK Kennel Club is the latest organization to report an alarming increase in black market puppies from puppy mills.  These puppies are being sold in classifieds and online, and they’re fooling millions of potential pet parents with clever schemes.  In their study, 35 percent of puppy buyers had home delivery without previewing, and 12 […]

Welfare Weekend: 3 Groups Of Fish That Are Cruel to Keep in Your Aquarium ©

When we walk into a fish store we expect to find a selection of beautiful, healthy fish for our aquarium.  Unfortunately, some of those fish endure cruel processes or practices that we aren’t informed of.  Not only do they cause the fish to suffer, they also shorten its lifespan and leave it more vulnerable to […]

Free Samples from for Guest Posts

We’re excited to announce that for a limited time, we will send samples of our products to the authors of exclusive guest posts when they are published!  This is a small token of our appreciation for the time and effort put into the level of quality we require for guest posts on the All Natural […]

Original, Shareable Pet Poster Graphics

They’re all the rage on Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks – those cute pet poster graphics for sharing in your profile.  Some of them are getting over-posted, so we’ll be sharing ours with you periodically. These graphics and others are also available for sharing directly on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.  You’re free to use […]

Join All Natural Pet Care on Pinterest!

We recently joined Pinterest, a hot, new community that revolves around a virtual ‘pinboard’.  It is keeping us busy today as we upload photo’s and graphics, including some of those trendy Facebook ‘posters’ that everyone ‘likes’ to share, such as this one that promotes pet adoption: “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful […]

Book Review – Not Fit for a Dog! The Truth About Manufactured Dog and Cat Food ©

We wrote a brief review of this book for and have expanded on that for you here. Not Fit for a Dog! The Truth About Manufactured Dog and Cat Food is written for pet parents by Michael W. Fox, B. Vet. Med., Ph.D., D.Sc., M.R.C.V.S., Elizabeth Hodgkins, D.V.M., and Marion E. Smart, D.V.M., Ph.D. […]

Free Holiday Pet Background Tiles for Sites, Blogs or Twitter ©

I went searching for holiday pet background tiles last year and found only a few, which were already being used by many other websites.  We’ve designed a few simple, holiday-themed background tiles for pet websites, blogs or Twitter for those who would like something original.  They connect seamlessly into a festive background. You are free […]

Natural Pet Business – Believe or Leave ©

I read with interest an article about a Florida food truck for dogs, which offers gourmet snacks to dogs when they’re out and about.  What a creative way to serve yet another pet niche market!  My mind immediately conjured up images of health restaurants for humans with matching health food restaurants for pets next door. […]

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