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Pet Business: Pro Blogger Offering Crazy eBook Deals This Week!

One of the first useful books I’ve read about the business of blogging was published by Pro Blogger. Right now, you have a unique opportunity to learn blogging from the best in the business, with eBooks priced at 50-90% off – just $10 each – until December 7th. Grabbing all six will save you $250!

Original, Shareable Pet Poster Graphics

They’re all the rage on Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks – those cute pet poster graphics for sharing in your profile.  Some of them are getting over-posted, so we’ll be sharing ours with you periodically. These graphics and others are also available for sharing directly on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.  You’re free to use […]

Free Holiday Pet Background Tiles for Sites, Blogs or Twitter ©

I went searching for holiday pet background tiles last year and found only a few, which were already being used by many other websites.  We’ve designed a few simple, holiday-themed background tiles for pet websites, blogs or Twitter for those who would like something original.  They connect seamlessly into a festive background. You are free […]

Blackwood Pet Food Raises the Bar ©

We’ve come a long way from the days of squinting at fine print and wondering why we can’t pronounce half of the ingredients in pet food, let alone understand them. Educated pet parents are demanding more from products and it’s quickly graduating from demand to expectation. A few pet food companies will never get it.  […]

News Releases for Web 2.0 Pet Parents ©

It is so important today to remember that consumers are going online for pet food news, from recalls to ingredients. Whether you’re doing damage control or releasing a new product, you’ll want to ensure that the news reaches pet parents, and be prepared for that news to lead them back to you. They’re going to […]

The New Way to Use (and Obtain) Testimonials ©

Most of us realize that the Internet has vast marketing and public relations potential, but we’re still learning how to bring it all together and make it a lucrative endeavor. Nineteenth century writer James Russell Lowell said, “The pressure of public opinion is like the atmosphere.  You can’t see it, but all the same it […]

Marketing Special Calendar Days for Pets ©

Do you know when International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is? Human holidays are a marketing and public relations main focus for most companies, including the pet industry.  Promotions revolve around the major holidays celebrated, but we have an entire list of other official days on the calendar that we can build campaigns around.  A decade […]

Customize Your Twitter Page Background (Tutorial) ©

With Twitter being the other standard in the social networking world, it’s an important touch-point for our customers and pet parents in general.  I’ve noticed more pet  industry pages going up in the past year, but it’s still new territory for most. One of the first tasks involved in setting up a Twitter page is […]

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