Book Review: My Dog Says I’m a Great Cook!

I’ve always loved community cookbooks because the contributors share their very best recipes.  They’re the most used cookbooks in my collection, worn and stained with splatters of fudge and other goodies that almost invariably turn out well.  That’s why I was so happy to hear that John Bigley and Paris Permenter of were calling […]

Product Review: Fresh Dog Natural Dry Shampoo Powder

The folks at Fresh Dog invited us to test and review their Natural Dry Shampoo.  The powder is intended to deodorize a dog between shampoos with its lavender rosemary scent that comes from infused essential oils, and it may also be used on bedding.  Lavender essential oil is also good for skin conditions and Rosemary […]

Review: PupLight-2 Tested by Charlie the Dog-Guide-Dog

When the folks at PupLight contacted us for a review, we immediately knew who our product testers would be. Dear old Charlie and his blind companion, Sammie, take late night walks around our neighborhood with their pet-mom, Margaret. The wet weather that British Columbia experiences all Winter results in further reduced visibility. I’ve often worried […]