Reviews:  We are happy to provide honest, forthright product reviews for pet authors & product manufacturers as time and space allows.  While we make every effort to be positive, we do not guarantee that reviews will be entirely positive, nor do we guarantee our recommendation.  Our primary concern is being ethically responsible to our readers.

“We Use It”:  This option is often referred to as a “brand advocate”.  If you have a product or service you think we would use on a regular basis, let us know!  If we agree, we’ll mention you whenever the opportunity arises here, there and everywhere.  For example, you could send us your pet product and if we love it we would mention it whenever we write about a related topic on the blog, refer to it regularly in social media, and even give you a plug during interviews if possible.  This option is reserved for larger ticket items or long-term agreements (such as supplying a natural ingredient for our dehydrated fish food line or other “official supplier” capacity). Please let us know what you have in mind and we can discuss terms and conditions.

“We Got It From”:  Similar to “We use it”, we will mention where we got our beloved aquarium, natural ingredient, or what have you, whenever the opportunity arises.

Contest Prizes:  We accept preapproved products for contest prizes with a minimum value of $100 (may be a combined total of multiple prizes). Contest promotion will include your company name, product name and information, and website link.  You will be responsible for all shipping and associated costs.

Brand, Company or Product Profiles:  We will consider writing a profile about your product or service if it’s a good fit for our natural pet care niche.

Featured Themes: We run special content themes that may be a perfect opportunity to promote your products or services in a specific niche. Topics may include anything from pet nutrition to pet business equipment. Your brand would be mentioned in context. Contact us with your ideas!

Guest Posts:  Please visit our Guest Post page for further information and guidelines.

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