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Our Most Popular Holiday Season Posts

Trying to find all of the hidden holiday gems within a blog can be maddening. The holidays drive us crazy enough, so we’re going to spare you further grief by sharing our most popular posts from past holiday seasons.

Welfare Weekend: June is Adopt a Cat Month!

When Bandit heard that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, he came to us all the way from New Brunswick, Canada to set the record straight. He insists that it’s Adopt A Human Month! You see, Bandit and his Mom left the feral life behind when they landed on the doorstep of a home […]

Welfare Weekend – Canada’s National Cupcake Day™ for Shelters is February 25th! ©

The Ontario SPCA & BC SPCA presents National Cupcake Day™ on behalf of local shelters, SPCA’s & Humane Societies across Canada on February 25th, 2013.  The event is new to Canada, but it has been wildly successful in other countries.

Adopt a Valentine (With Digi-Poster)

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ Your perfect Valentine is waiting at a local shelter.  

Welfare Weekend: Shelter Donation Items List (With Shareable Holiday Graphic)

With so many charities competing for donations, homeless pets can be forgotten.  Please remember them as you enjoy the festivities and remind your friends too!  There’s a list below of frequently requested items and of course, cash is always helpful.  It’s also more difficult for shelters to find volunteers and foster families over the holidays, […]

Welfare Weekend: Every Girl Should Have A Little Black Cat [Digi-Poster]

Pet adoption is all the rage in Hollywood, it’s the classy thing to do. Black cats and dogs are often left behind at shelters, however. We’re hoping our latest free, shareable digi-poster will help change that with a little assistance from our kind friends. Please share this free graphic on social media or your website.

Welfare Weekend: Adopt A Black Cat (With Shareable Poster)

We’re continuing the black cat series this weekend with another free, shareable digi-poster, “Don’t be a fraidy cat, my only superpower is love”.

Welfare Weekend: Support Olympic Athletes AND Animal Shelters! ©

Here’s a fun thing for your family to do in celebration and support of your country’s athletes competing in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Load up a bag of items in your country’s colors and donate it to your favorite animal charity!  It’s a lot of fun trying to find products that have the right […]

Welfare Weekend: Animal Charities Need Christmas in July ©

Summer can be a difficult time for charities, when people are busy traveling and generally having a good time.  They volunteer less and they donate less. The need doesn’t decline, however, and nowhere is that more true than in animal charities.  In fact, the need often increases this time of year. Traveling people lose pets […]

What to do if you Find a Wild Baby Animal ©

The wild is full of newborns and baby animals who are now big enough to wander around. Finding a baby alone can bring out every protective instinct an animal lover has, but please don’t rush to the rescue.  The vast majority haven’t been abandoned and you don’t want to come between a Mama and her […]

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