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Foods in Homemade Pet Diets That Cause Inflammation ©

Arthritis, hip dysplasia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, psoriasis, kidney failure, gum disease, low immunity, dementia and a shortened lifespan in pets can all be linked to chronic inflammation. An animal’s body uses inflammation for healing, but excessive, chronic inflammation wears the body down from head to toe. We hear a lot about anti-inflammatory foods, but […]

Pet Arthritis: Holistic Prevention and Natural Treatment ©

  Arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease (DJD), rheumatoid arthritis… it’s always sad to see our pets suffer with joint ailments.  The loss of movement and pain is disturbing to watch, and I hope the following information prevents or eases their suffering.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay for Pets ©

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay protects pets from radiation poisoning

In this age of chemicals and additives, pollution and sporadic policing of pet food for mycotoxins and other contamination, it is imperative that we use any natural means at our disposal to help our pets defend themselves internally. In the wild, virtually every group of animals instinctively seeks out natural cures and digestive aids that […]

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