Common Diffuser Essential Oils that may be Toxic to Dogs, Cats, Birds & Other Pets ©

Due to recent viral social media posts, many pet parents are wondering, “Are essential oils used in diffusers toxic to pets?” The answer is complicated by the varying tolerance levels of each species or breed. Some essential oils are toxic to all pets, or only some dog breeds, or species such as cats, rabbits, birds, […]

Dangerous Natural Tick Remedies (Infographic)

Some of the natural tick products and recommendations out there are nothing short of alarming.  Companies and individuals aren’t doing their homework before selling or recommending products containing natural ingredients that can harm or even kill some animals.  Many assume if they’re safe for humans they must be safe for animals.  Others research the functionality […]

Natural Treatment and Support of Autoimmune Diseases in Pets

There are several autoimmune diseases that dogs, cats or horses may suffer from, including Autoimmune Hemolytic Anema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Pemphigus, Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, Degenerative Myelopathy, and Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia. Depending on the condition and species, you may be able to use herbs, natural dietary support, and lifestyle changes to help manage the autoimmune […]

Natural Remedy Recipe for Pet Sores and ‘Hot Spots’ ©

Minor wounds, hot spots (Acute Moist Dermatitis), or other sores can be maddening to heal. Dogs, cats and other pets often lick the area excessively or aggravating factors such as allergies can turn it into a constant battle. A natural alternative to steroids, antibiotics and other medication is commonly sought, but finding a well-researched home […]

Natural Treatment of Allergic (Atopic) Dermatitis in Dogs With Shampoo Recipe

Allergic Dermatitis (Atopy) is probably one of the most frustrating, and certainly most common, genetic ailments in dogs. Sensitivity to environmental allergens like pollen, mold, dander, dust mites, fleas, and chemicals leaves pet parents to wonder if there’s anything their dog isn’t allergic to.

Natural Tick Repellents for Dogs (With Anti-Lyme Bite Recipe)

The predicted severity of ticks this year has been a tad exaggerated by some, but they’re always a concern for dog guardians nonetheless.  As with any malady, the best route to a natural solution for ectoparasites like ticks, is prevention.  Preventing them goes hand in hand with repelling them. Natural Tick Repellants Catnip (Nepeta cataria) […]

Product Review: Fresh Dog Natural Dry Shampoo Powder

The folks at Fresh Dog invited us to test and review their Natural Dry Shampoo.  The powder is intended to deodorize a dog between shampoos with its lavender rosemary scent that comes from infused essential oils, and it may also be used on bedding.  Lavender essential oil is also good for skin conditions and Rosemary […]