Halloween Meme – Please Don’t Make Me Go Out There!

Fire crackers, costumes and strangers … OH MY!  Halloween night can be scary and confusing for animals.   Not only are they coping with all of the activities, but they’re also sensing nervousness and a little fear.  The best place for pets on Halloween night is inside, secured away from the door.  To help you spread […]

Welfare Weekend: Free Resources for a ‘Dogs Die in Hot Cars’ Campaign

Many great pet websites have articles about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, so we decided to do something a little different.  The intent of this post is to empower you to make a difference by sending you out there armed with educational materials that promote this deadly dog issue.  From shareable graphics […]

Corporate Giving – Iams Home for the Holidays

Most pets love holidays.  They often receive gifts and share in the feast.  They’re excited to see family and friends and happy to have their family home.  Even if they’re shy, they sense the festive spirit in the air and respond in kind. We always feel sorry for those who have no family, especially when […]