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Americans Urged to Set a Humane Table for the Holidays

What Do Reindeer Eat?

I lived in Canada’s Arctic for a decade and spent part of that time working for the Department of Renewable Resources. Santa & I were practically neighbors! Therefore, I feel especially qualified to share this important information about the natural diet of Reindeer as we approach Christmas Eve.

Halloween Meme – Please Don’t Make Me Go Out There!

Fire crackers, costumes and strangers … OH MY!  Halloween night can be scary and confusing for animals.   Not only are they coping with all of the activities, but they’re also sensing nervousness and a little fear.  The best place for pets on Halloween night is inside, secured away from the door.  To help you spread […]

Seasonal Pet Post Roundup

We’re hitting the pause button on our blog until December 26th so we can spend some joyous time with our family (furry or otherwise) over Christmas.  Here is a roundup of our pet holiday posts to keep you busy and off the Naughty List: 45 Animal Charities with Gift Shopping Holiday Help for Animal Charities […]

Pet Holiday Safety Tips ©

Plants such as mistletoe, ivy, lilies and holly berries can be poisonous to pets: – Holly is potentially fatal. – Mistletoe upsets the stomach & can cause heart collapse. – Sap from Poinsettias can cause mouth blistering. – Hibiscus can trigger diarrhea. Supervise all candles – pets are attracted to light in a dark room. […]

Marketing Special Calendar Days for Pets ©

Do you know when International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is? Human holidays are a marketing and public relations main focus for most companies, including the pet industry.  Promotions revolve around the major holidays celebrated, but we have an entire list of other official days on the calendar that we can build campaigns around.  A decade […]

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