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Plant Some Wellness in Your Pasture for Healthier Farm Animals

The health and vitality of grazing/foraging animals has been failing. Several experts believe that’s due to a lack of naturally-sourced nutrients and therapeutic variety. Horses, cattle, sheep, goats and other grazers have been feeding on fast-growing grass planted in nutrient-deficient soils. Plants labeled as ‘weeds’ have been killed off to accommodate efficient grass growth.

Silver Sea Salt: Healing Pet & Aquarium Mineral Supplement ©

Silver Sea Salt Healing Mineral Supplement for Pets & Aquariums

The homeopathic use of sea salt is making a comeback due to interest and proof at the scientific level, especially in regards to cellular health and internal pH. “Simultaneously present in the mineral, plant, and animal realms, mineral salts are responsible for the transfer of the energy running through all their substances and organisms,” Ann […]

Equine Salt is a Key to Healthy Horses ©

Robert Monk is here to tell us why horses need salt and how to make sure they get enough.  If you’re looking for a natural source of sodium, consider supplementing your horse’s diet with wondrous seaweed.

Natural Remedies for Constipation in Cats, Dogs and Other Pets ©

Dogs rarely get constipated unless it’s associated with another condition, such as arthritis, liver or gallbladder issues, parasites, or a side effect of medication.  The same goes for the majority of herbivorous animals, such as horses.  Cats, however, can develop a condition called Megacolon that results in severe constipation (obstipation). Some pet fish are also […]

The Many Uses of Aloe for Pets ©

Aloe vera is one of the safest ‘wonder herbs’ for pets and it has many uses for virtually all of them. Even sensitive pets like cats can safely enjoy its holistic and medicinal benefits. What can Aloe do for your pet?

Welfare Weekend: West Nile Virus Information and Natural Prevention for Pets ©

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a warning to pet parents about the West Nile Virus, on the heels of a similar warning for humans. Record-breaking cases in the US and Canada have prompted the warning. Like humans, pets may contract the West Nile Virus from a mosquito bite. Ticks are currently […]

Alfalfa as a Natural Ingredient or Supplement for Pets ©

As legend has it, the discovery of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) was, in fact, pet related. Centuries ago, an Arabian horse owner was struck by increased performance and energy levels in his horses when he fed them alfalfa. Today, alfalfa is a common food, ingredient and supplement for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, horses, cows and goats, […]

Muscular Sprains, Strains and Spasms: Natural Treatment for Pets ©

I’ve been nursing a neck sprain with back and arm muscle spasms since Christmas, making it next to impossible to write (let alone sleep). As usual, researching the condition had me automatically applying what I’d learned to pets. I can’t imagine going through such discomfort without being able to express to a doctor or therapist […]

Pumpkin for Pets ©

Maybe it’s just that time of year, but I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about pumpkin for dogs, cats, birds, horses and even fish.  Following are a few facts about feeding pumpkin to pets. The orange color of pumpkin tells us it’s a wonderful source of Beta Carotene.  It’s also a very good source […]

Fermenting Apples May Cause Ethanol Poisoning in Pets, Horses & Cattle ©

Moose, elk, bears… a quick Google uncovers many stories of wild animals accidentally ‘drunk’ on fermented apples.  We chuckle, feel sorry for them, and move on.

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