Natural Aquariums – Wild-Type Mollies

Mollies and other Livebearers have been a staple in aquariums for many years.  They’re usually purchased in an aquarium store, catching the eye of fish-keepers with their rainbow of colors and fancy finnage.   Many fish-keepers are unaware that most of these retail Mollies are actually hybrids of several wild Molly species, selectively bred for elaborate […]

Skiffia Multipunctata – Saving Threatened Fish Species in Aquariums

This is the second article in a series about keeping endangered fish species in the home aquarium.  Read part one: Saving Threatened Fish Species in a Home Aquarium. We have had two aquarium births in one of our latest groups of (unofficially) endangered fish, Skiffia multipunctata! Knowing that we have increased captive populations is a […]