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Natural Rocks for Aquarium Decor ©

It should come as no surprise that we’re big fans of natural aquariums. When people think of natural freshwater tanks, they usually think of plants first. However, there are other natural decor options for both freshwater and reef tanks that contribute beautifully to aqua-scapes, including rocks.

Natural Remedies for Aquarium Hydra or Planaria Infestation ©

At one time or another, aquarists may experience having Planaria and/or Hydra in their tank. These pests are often the results of poor tank care.

6 Fast-Growing Plants for Natural Cleaning in Standard Aquariums

If asked what their least favorite fish-keeping chore is, the majority of aquarium enthusiasts will answer “water changes”. Problems associated with too many nutrients in the water, such as algae, reduced oxygen levels or fish illness, are also a thorn in the fish-keeper’s side. Aquatic plants that grow quickly under average light can help address […]

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