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Wild Vegetable and Herb Foraging for Pets

Vegetables are obviously an important part of the herbivorous and omnivorous diet. Feeding your pet a variety of nutrient-dense, easily-digested vegetables and herbs can have a delightful impact on their overall well-being, health conditions, breeding, and growth.

High Protein Diets Can Be A Dog’s Best Friend

By Alex Paul Dogs are man’s best friend, but they don’t like the carbohydrate-filled, unnatural diets fed to them. High-quality dog foods – for the most part – are super expensive, yet many of them don’t provide your pup with ample protein for optimal performance. And protein is the key to a healthy diet for […]

Easy Ways to Feed a Raw Diet to Your Pets ©

Feeding raw meat to pets like cats and dogs is considered by many to be the ultimate biologically appropriate, primal diet. Unfortunately, DIY raw feeding can be messy and time consuming. Combine that with the challenge of providing a balanced diet, and many pet parents give up on raw pet food altogether.

The Best Natural Foods and Supplements to Help Your Dog Live Longer

The heartbreaking part of having a dog is their relatively short lifespan. Life expectancy for dogs has improved with diet and care standards, but the time to say goodbye still comes all too soon. Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy, a Biologist who compiles scientific data about the lifespan of dogs, has concluded that canine longevity varies […]

Win 150 Organic Bully Bites for your Pet Valentine!

Win 150 Organic Bully Bites for your Pet Valentine!

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. We’re sure the owners of Organic Pet Boutique know all about loving pets because their company was founded from the heart.

Natural Sunscreen Foods for Dogs (Infographic) ©

Dogs can suffer from sunburns and skin damage just like humans can. Some foods and natural supplements offer properties that help protect your dog (and you) from the sun and its damaging effects. Including more natural sunscreen foods in your dog’s diet is a convenient way to protect them from the merciless rays of Summer. […]

Q&A: The Role of Vitamin B12 in Natural Pet Nutrition ©

We received the following e-mail from Josette Amirault in Quebec, Canada. She has graciously agreed to allow us to publish her question and our answer here. Since Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient in natural pet nutrition, we have provided additional information about its role, natural sources and symptoms of deficiency.

Can I Feed Tomatoes and Other Nightshade Vegetables to my Dog? ©

We’ve recently been asked questions about the safety of tomatoes and other nightshade vegetables (eggplant, bell peppers, etc.) for dogs. The answer is yes and no.

Using Organic Ingredients in Homemade Pet Food ©

I didn’t realize just how sensitive pets can be to food chemicals that are deemed safe for humans, until a friend fed his pet fish pre-washed spinach.  The next morning, every fish and shrimp in his aquarium was dead.  I don’t know if it was pesticides, preservatives, or color enhancers, but it sure brought home […]

Top Six Reasons Pet Parents Choose a Grain-Free Dog Food Diet ©

There is a trend towards the “ancestral” diet for pets, such as raw meat and bones for dogs and cats.  The main reason behind that is to provide a more natural diet, but pet parents cite a number of additional reasons for making the decision to eliminate grain from their dog’s diet.

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