Corporate Giving – Iams Home for the Holidays

Most pets love holidays.  They often receive gifts and share in the feast.  They’re excited to see family and friends and happy to have their family home.  Even if they’re shy, they sense the festive spirit in the air and respond in kind. We always feel sorry for those who have no family, especially when […]

Blackwood Pet Food Raises the Bar ©

We’ve come a long way from the days of squinting at fine print and wondering why we can’t pronounce half of the ingredients in pet food, let alone understand them. Educated pet parents are demanding more from products and it’s quickly graduating from demand to expectation. A few pet food companies will never get it.  […]

Saying “I don’t know” in the Natural Pet Business ©

One of the first things we’re taught in sales & marketing is that we must personify expertise.  It’s important that we know everything about our product and industry so we may establish ourselves as experts.  This, in turn, elicits trust from the consumer. While that may be true, the natural pet industry is relatively new […]