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Our Most Popular Holiday Season Posts

Trying to find all of the hidden holiday gems within a blog can be maddening. The holidays drive us crazy enough, so we’re going to spare you further grief by sharing our most popular posts from past holiday seasons.

Welfare Weekend: World Rabies Awareness Day

A viral disease, Rabies can infect warm-blooded species resulting in acute brain inflammation and death. September 28th is World Rabies Awareness Day and September is Rabies Awareness Month. It’s all part of an awareness campaign to reinforce the message that rabies is a preventable disease, yet kills 55,000 people needlessly each year, half of which […]

Dangerous Natural Tick Remedies (Infographic)

Some of the natural tick products and recommendations out there are nothing short of alarming.  Companies and individuals aren’t doing their homework before selling or recommending products containing natural ingredients that can harm or even kill some animals.  Many assume if they’re safe for humans they must be safe for animals.  Others research the functionality […]

How to Safely Dehydrate Meat Pet Treats ©

Virtually all pets love treats, including dogs, cats, horses, fish, rabbits and other small animals.  With all of the recalls and warnings about deadly pet treats, many pet parents are going the DIY route. While making natural homemade pet food and treats is the ultimate goal for most, we still lead busy lives and are […]

Dog Breeds Predisposed to Adverse Drug Reactions (Infographic) ©

Natural pet care is often based on simple awareness and prevention.  There has been much talk about vaccine reactions in pets, but there is less awareness regarding the cause of adverse drug reactions. Researchers at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine have determined there is a gene responsible for adverse reactions to over a […]

Tips to Protect your Dog in the Summer Heat

Many “hot dogs” campaigns run during the Summer in North America, but we’ve noticed very little activity when it’s Summer elsewhere (or with consideration to tropical climates).  Today’s guest author is committed to creating awareness of the dangers of Summer heat throughout the year.

Is Your Pet’s Seaweed Radioactive? ©

Seaweed is packed with a wide range of nutrients and countless benefits that extend to virtually all species, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish and humans. It’s the superfood that puts other superfoods to shame. If you’re feeding it to your pets, they are very lucky to have such a learned and doting caregiver. The […]

Welfare Weekend: Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays ©

Plants such as mistletoe, ivy, lilies and holly berries can be poisonous to pets: – Holly is potentially fatal. – Mistletoe upsets the stomach & can cause heart collapse. – Sap from Poinsettias can cause mouth blistering. – Hibiscus can trigger diarrhea.

30 Essential Oils That May Not Be Safe For Pets ©

  We’ve been alarmed by some of the essential oil recommendations for pets online recently. Sometimes it’s for commercial gain in the lucrative natural pet remedy sector, such as using toxic Pennyroyal in flea treatments. Self-appointed experts often recommend essential oils based on the fact that they are beneficial to humans, or tolerated by one […]

Welfare Weekend: Halloween Pet Costume Safety

We have a skittish SPCA cat who doesn’t like strangers, but for some reason on Halloween night she was constantly coming downstairs after children had visited. It took us some time to figure out that she was responding to ‘trick or TREAT‘. Imagine her confusion when she realized they’d left without giving her any! We […]

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