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Fans Howling for the 138th Westminster Dog Show

Today’s guest author gives a nod to some of our most loyal readers, show dog parents. We receive frequent questions from this group of dog lovers in regards to natural methods of improving the quality of their dog from the inside out. They use natural supplements that result in stunning coats, bright eyes, and top […]

Welfare Weekend: Wild Release of Unwanted Aquarium Pets ©

According to an article published by the American Institute of Biological Sciences, a total of 138 alien fish species have been introduced into the United States (Courtenay, 1997). Forty-four native species of fish are threatened or endangered by alien-invasive fish (Wilcove and Bean, 1994). An additional 27 native fish species are also negatively affected by […]

Guest Post: 5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Natural Pet Care

In today’s guest post, author Naomie Pierre offers suggestions for alternative pet care the natural way. 5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Natural Pet Care into Your Pet’s Life By Naomie Pierre Choosing natural pet care for your beloved animal may save its life. Unlike humans, animals can be very sensitive to the different negative side […]

Welfare Weekend: Bandit’s Back to Promote Adopt A Human Month! ©

When Bandit heard that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, he came to us all the way from New Brunswick, Canada to set the record straight.  He insists that it’s Adopt A Human Month! Either way, please welcome a shelter cat into your family.  Cats take very good care of humans and they’re great […]

Muscular Sprains, Strains and Spasms: Natural Treatment for Pets ©

I’ve been nursing a neck sprain with back and arm muscle spasms since Christmas, making it next to impossible to write (let alone sleep). As usual, researching the condition had me automatically applying what I’d learned to pets. I can’t imagine going through such discomfort without being able to express to a doctor or therapist […]

Seasonal Pet Post Roundup

We’re hitting the pause button on our blog until December 26th so we can spend some joyous time with our family (furry or otherwise) over Christmas.  Here is a roundup of our pet holiday posts to keep you busy and off the Naughty List: 45 Animal Charities with Gift Shopping Holiday Help for Animal Charities […]

Corporate Giving – Iams Home for the Holidays

Iams Home For The Holidays Pet Charity Banner

Most pets love holidays.  They often receive gifts and share in the feast.  They’re excited to see family and friends and happy to have their family home.  Even if they’re shy, they sense the festive spirit in the air and respond in kind. We always feel sorry for those who have no family, especially when […]

600+ Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Need You! (Updated) ©

Update – June 23rd, 2012:  Nicole Labombard and her mother Charlene of Paws R Us have agreed to abide by a court order and not own more than three pets or operate a kennel for the next two years.  Sadly, they could operate another puppy mill after that two years is up. All puppies seized […]

68% of Dog Owners Report That Economic Conditions Do Not Affect Their Dog Care Spending

WHITING, Ind., Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Dog care expenses may take a bite out of many consumers’ wallets, but even in challenging financial times, Fido comes out on top. According to a new survey from, conducted in honor of National Dog Week (September 19-25), nearly seven-in-ten (68 percent) American adult dog owners said […]

Wild Vegetables ©

wild vegetables gather for pets

Here’s a new hobby for you – gather some free, nutritious veggies for your herbivorous or omnivorous pets.  What could be more natural?  It may surprise you to know that overall, many wild vegetables are better for us than spinach. Following are some of the more common wild veggies. The nutritional information can be difficult […]

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